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What TV show do you believe is/was underrated?

Asked by _bob (2485points) June 3rd, 2009

Even though it won many Emmys, I’ve always thought that “The West Wing” was very underrated. I guess intelligent dialogue is not as popular as dumb comedy.

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• Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
• Undeclared
• Eli Stone
• Jack and Jill

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Arrested Development and Futurama. Some of the smartest shows on TV, but apparently people don’t like smart humor. It was a shame they got canceled.

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It seems that most of the US couldn’t (and didn’t) watch Mr. Show, with Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, and the guy who voices SpongeBob (Tom Kenny), among others.

It was on HBO in the mid-late 90s. Not many people saw it, but I’d say it was America’s Monty Python. Only in recent years has it made its way to cult status via word of mouth about the DVDs.

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@aprilsimnel Oh Yes! Mr. Show was amazing! Thanks for the reminder about that show.

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Arrested Development was the first that came to my mind.

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I definitely agree with Studio 60 – that was a fabulous show, but I guess it was a little too smart, just like The West Wing.

I thought Tru Calling, Firefly and Moonlight were all great series too, but none of them lasted very long either…

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Lurve for Arrested Development. And of course Sports Night (1998–2000), done by the guys who then went on to do West Wing and Studio 60.

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The Wire
Generation Kill
The Corner

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Lurve for Sports Night too – definitely under-appreciated, but at least it lasted a few seasons!

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Not that it is necessarily underrated, but It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is definitely not as big as it should be based on how hilarious it is. Observe.

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The CW’s Supernatural, it’s a show that has gotten even better with age, and no one gives it the recognition it deserves.

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Flight of the Conchords. It’s just really funny to me, even though most people I know don’t share my views.

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Pushing Daisies. How the braindead could have canceled that show is beyond me. It was brilliant.

Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles also leap to mind.

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@dverhey I agree, FOTC is great. How can you not love Murray?

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Definitely Firefly. Once again, Fox sticks their hands places where they shouldn’t, and pretend they’re surprised when they screw the show over. Though I will admit, I was very happy with the movie Serenity, it did a great job at resolving the story.

Here’s a partial list of shows Fox has tampered with: Arrested Development, Futurama, Family Guy, Escaflowne. Fox loves airing episodes out of order, which ruins sequential based shows like Firefly and only makes the ratings worse as people don’t get the story so they abandon the show. They almost killed Dollhouse too. Fox also was responsible for the lack of awareness of the awesome Mike Judge movie (hey there’s another to add to the list above, King of the Hill) Idocracy, which should be mandatory viewing in my opinion. This page documents a lot of occurrences of screwed shows and other media.

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“Kings” definitely.

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HBO’s Rome and Deadwood.

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@augustlan alll HBO series are underrated if you ask me. East Bound and Down, Entourage.. just to name a few are brilliant comedies.

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The Riches on FX. It only lasted two seasons but was nominated for an Emmy. It quickly became one of my favorite shows. (just like Arrested Development)

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Dead Like Me
Not the movie which was moronic but the series.

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“The Office.” Stupid “30 Rock” is hogging all the attention. Also, I don’t know why more people aren’t watching “Family Guy” – that show is genius.

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@xBRIANx Seriously? Everyone watches The Office and Family Guy. You could not have picked more popular current comedy shows. They are the exact opposite of underrated.

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Star Trek: Enterprise
Was a pitty that it did not run for 7 seasons

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All really good examples but yet they keep these innane shows like Nanny, Wife Swap, and Wipeout. It boggles the mind.

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Quantum Leap. Does anybody else remember that one?

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@augustlan Yes, I really liked that show. The lead guy wasn’t quite a geek, nor an overly sexy leading man. Just the right combination.

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@augustlan I loved Quantum Leap! I actually just started watching the reruns again – they’re just as good as I remembered! Have you been watching Chuck? That’s another underrated show – and Scott Bakula was in the last several episodes of this season!

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities – dude, “The Office” is averaging around 9th place on the top shows on NBC. And that’s NBC! When you add in Fox, ABC, & CBS “The Office” probably ranks around 25th. I don’t know. I guess it all depends on your defination of “underrated.” I mean, how many people do you work with are like, “The Office? Never heard of it.” I’d say 80% here. So as far as your comment of, “You could not have picked more popular current comedy shows…” Well, I guess I could have said “Wipeout” or “Americas Funniest Home Videos” or “Two and a Half Men.”

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Lucky Louie with Louis C.K. It was on HBO for 1 season. Every week the ratings got better but they still cancelled it. It has very strong laguage, but if you are familiar with Louis work, this is no surprise. It also has my pal lil Jimmy Norton. It’s on dvd if you want to check it out.

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@xBRIANx The Office is NBC’s second highest rated show. And 80% of people haven’t heard of it? Where? Greenland? Mongolia?

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