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What is Hong Kong like?

Asked by nfw24 (2points) June 3rd, 2009

I might be moving there soon – Just wondering everyone’s opinions, if you’ve been there!

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H.K. is great. If you truly want to have fun, my advice would be to try and learn a little bit of the language as soon as possible. Also, get across the boarder and into the mainland as often as you can. It has a whole different feel. Have fun!

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Well. Hong Kong is a very interesting place, because it has a mixture of the European culture and the Chinese culture.
It’s a very busy place, and If you live in the centre of the city, there are always people there.
It’s best not to get comfortable at home, and just go out for bare essential, its best to go explore Hong Kong!
It’s really easy to get around with the MTR (Trains) and buses, and most people will understand a bit of English :)
Good Luck and have fun :)

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