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Could you ever move music from an ipod to a computer?

Asked by urgoodpeople (26points) June 3rd, 2009

today, someone claimed to me that at one point just after ipods hit the market that she could simply plug her ipod into a second computer and move music back and forth WITHOUT enabling disk mode, etc. She claimed that with the very first ipods that this was just a standard function. is this true?

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I have a couple of programs to move music, movies, photos, etc. from the iPod to iTunes but they are on my laptop. I’ll have to send them to you later. Sorry.

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i don’t know all the fancy words for it and everything but i did it once. i plugged the ipod up, went to ‘my computer’ and went into something else from there, not sure. then copied all the files to ‘my music’ then uploaded all those files to itunes. before the files were in itunes it looked like a bunch of mumbo jumbo but after it was in itunes, they got all their titles back. i’m not really sure if that’s what you’re asking or not. hope that helps.

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Well, I had the first iPod when it was Mac only. I used Tinkertool to show invisible files and just dragged the mp3 files from the iPod to the computer. No problems. This was in 2001.

edit :: And that wasn’t a normal thing. You had to enable show invisible files.

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It was never a standard function, but it was significantly easier with earlier versions of the iPods than it is now.

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Sometimes mine has a notification that pops up and says “There are songs on my iPod that are not in my library” and asks me if I want to import them. Sooo… yeah, it’s possible, but I don’t know how to make the iPod do it.

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Yep. I use copytrans. It works really well. But you might have to download the real version. There’s also one called touchcopy. Takes it right from the iPod to the computer :D

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I’m not sure about then, but I’ve used Pod to PC thanks to the advice here on Fluther and it works great.

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Access for iPod works great also

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I suppose I should clarify: she claimed that this was a standard function of iTunes…that using only a computer, iTunes and her iPod that she could simply drag and drop media across using the standard view. So no “disk mode” nor any third party software. Just a standard function.

I think she’s full of crap (an theory supported by what all of you have written) but I would like some stone cold evidence. Do we know of any online resources (wikipedia page?) that confirm or deny this functionality on first gen iPods?

PS you guys rock.

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On the Apple website, you can download manuals for all their older products. The absence of a specific mention of how to do that should be sufficient evidence.

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Senuti? easy way to remember is that it’s “itunes” backwards.

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CopyTans is the perfect app for what you’re looking for. Great ipod backup software ;)


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cwilbur, i’m not sure what you meant by “significantly easier” in your first post, but your second post soundly delivers my answer. (“she made a false claim”). you’re the man. Others: did you actually read the question/clarification before answering?

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I tired doing this several times and it won’t work :-(

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