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I am looking to learn about cars hands on during summer. Any oppertunities?

Asked by musicman997 (105points) June 3rd, 2009

I love cars, and want to learn how to fix/ upgrade them. Maybe get paid for doing it?

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Are you old enough for a job? Call around to some mechanics and see if you can do any assisting. Or better yet, seek out some auto classes at a community college.

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Im actually at work right now at a dealership. But to my knowledge no one is hiring a 17 yr old assistant at a dealership as large as this one. I think my best bet would be a community college. Thanks for the advice

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There you go! Good luck.

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You could also spend your summer learning about spelling and grammar.

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If you want to learn about cars you either need to go to a trade school, go to college to be an automotive engineer, or buy a project car and get started.

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The shop foreman or service director of your dealership will be a good source to recommend successful vocational schools and areas of popular training for you.

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