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If I am insured for car A and buy car B is car B covered?

Asked by justus2 (851points) June 4th, 2009

I am covered on my moms insurance policy for a van taht I drive, and she bought me a new car, is the new car covered and for how long?

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Not even a little bit. You need to transfer your insurance to the new car. Most insurance companies will let you do this online.

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No. You need to add any new car to your policy.

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I was just told by an insurance agent that when you are covered for 30days when you buy a new car that is why they let you drive the car off the lot.

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@justus2 – Is the car in your name or your mother’s name. If the car is in your mother’s name and the insurance policy is in her name – you’re just an additional driver – approved driver (insured, but not your policy) then her car is insured for 30 days, but it must still be technically added to the policy. If your mom is wanting you to have this car to yourself, where she is removed from the main liability, meaning you need to be the one liable for it, you need to get your own policy – as soon as possible.

If your mom bought you the car, but put it your name, only your name – then no. It is not insured. Even if she has a policy, technically you do not. You are an insured driver on her policy, but you do not have your own insurance.

The devil is in the details on this one. It all depends on who truly owns the car. (besides the bank)

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@justus2 that must be state-dependent. That’s definitely not true in NY – you have to have proof of insurance of the new car before the dealer will let you drive it away.

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@MrItty – It must be. In NC and the last I know of in FL, you were covered for 30 days.

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@cak Colorado as well.

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It varies by state and by policy. You should check with your agent. With my State Farm policy here in California, your scenario would be covered for a certain length of time (don’t recall how much time and not in the mood to read fine print). I pay a bit more for insurance but my policy also covers anyone who drives my vehicles and covers me when driving other people’s vehicles, including rental cars.

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You need to get insurance on car B by either getting a new policy in your name or getting it added to a family policy. Call your insurance agent ASAP so he/she can get the documentation started.

You might start by asking your mom if she added it to her policy or not.

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Certainly not! How would the insurance company know you bought a new car? You need to call them up and give them your information, and they will add the car onto the policy. Depending on who you deal with, this may change who “belongs” to each of the cars, and thus increase the rates substantially if you are now designated as a primary driver on a brand new car and your mom is primary on an old van. It also varies by state. But you don’t need to research this at all, this is why you pay insurance. Give them a call and they’ll figure it all out.

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In AZ IF you have full coverage on a vehicle and you buy a new vehicle your current insurance policy will cover it for 15 days. This is assuming your financing the new vehicle and have to carry full coverage. Basically whatever insurance you have currently will carry over to the new vehicle for 15 days.

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