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How come we don't notice that awkward random hair until it's 2 inches long?

Asked by ubersiren (15160points) June 4th, 2009

I’ll occasionally get a weird hair growing on my upper arm, or on my CHIN! (hello, I’m an xx with ovaries, Mother nature!) Luckily the one on my chin was fine and fair, so it wasn’t noticeable. But sometimes ones on my arm are monstrous. They’re freakishly long and somewhat coarser than my normal arm hair. I’ve seen this on other people so I KNOW IT’S NOT JUST ME!

What causes these freaks, and why don’t we notice them until they look like anacondas?

**Disclaimer: This only happens like once a year. I’m not a Yeti.

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My mother gets one like that on her shin, it grows out with no color and superfast. She thinks it’s hormonal/aging stuff but one of my friends who’s not even 30 yet gets one like that on her chin.

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@ubersiren “I’m not a Yeti.” Whatever you can live with. :)

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@chyna : Lalalalalalalala I can’t hear you lalalala..

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I have a fully translucent hair that grow out of my eyelid near my brow bone, and everyone including myself in my family has a hair on their right or left arm, same location though that is doubly longer than the rest.

I only notice mine when they get to about an inch because they’re such a pale blond.

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I’m sharing this with my sister. We were out together, I reached over, thinking she had a “stray” on her cheek, the damn thing was attached. She calls it the “insert my mother’s 1st marriage name here” hair.

I’m not a Yeti! Classic!

I, on the other hand am a hairless wonder. I just am not that hairy. Not sure where that comes from, in my family!

One of my friends calls her chin hair, her goat hair. Not only does it grow long, but it comes in black. She has very light brown hair.

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@asmonet : I totally get that too. Various clear hairs that are real stiff, right around my eye.

@cak : Goat hair… hahaha that’s golden. I’m going to use that for my hair. I just know when I’m older it’ll get worse- though, none of the women in my family have facial hair, really. I hope to follow that trend. Ugh!

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@ubersiren: Weird, mine aren’t stiff, they’re wispy, light, and super fine.

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Then again, I ain’t gonna lie. I have a bit of a downy face.

NOTE: Not like the syndrome, like fuzzies.

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I’ve always he a very fine layer of clear blonde hair on my upper lip. It is never noticeable unless I tan very dark and it gets sun bleached.
Once when my son was about three years old and sitting on my lap he says to me, “mom, when I grow up I want a mustash just like yours!”

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@basp….oh…out of the mouth of babes! Don’t you just love what our children say? ;~)

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I also have very fine, light fuzz on my face, but I get random thicker longer hairs (not thick enough to consider “whiskers” per se) on my cheek and chin, and once on my arm.

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cak… say the darndest things!

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Because it doesn’t start to itch until it’s 2 inches long :)

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I find random long hairs on my husbands back, and I swear the pop up out of no where!
I used to get one black hair on my arm…and I’d only notice it once it was a little longer. I think I pulled that sucker out enough that it stopped growing. lol

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Just a point of curiousity about the downy facial hair usually seen on women and kids . . . did you know that funeral directors have to shave the faces of deceased women and kids to get rid of the hair for the funeral cosmetics to work and return the person to a natural and lifelike appearance?

Freaked me out when I learned that . . . don’t know why, just struck me as odd . . . (as so many things do).

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@Kayak8 – I have all these little random facts stuck in my head, I just added that one. At some point, I’ll get asked some really random trivia question and that will be the answer. Thanks!

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@Kayak8: Yeah, that is really weird. It freaked me out too when I read that. I am so never getting embalmed. Or looked at when I’m dead. DON’T LOOK AT ME! It’s weird!

Annnnnnnnnyway, I have plenty of awkward random hairs too, actually. I have a couple of really fine dark ones on either side of my mouth (not over my upper lip though), and so kinda dark stiff ones around my belly button, but I always notice them pretty quickly, and pluck the suckers out!

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I have the one stiff chin hair, grows absolutely straight down towards the floor. I usually feel it (doing the chin rub) before I can see it. It’s practically clear, so it’s hard to track that bugger with the tweezers. Then, there are the two that sprout out of my right boob! At least they aren’t coarse.

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My mother has several of those long, fine, blond hairs that have grown on her chin ever since she was somewhere in her forties. I have been afraid my whole life that I would take after her, but so far I haven’t had any show up at all.

Instead, I have taken after my father and seem to be losing body hair. Partly, this is because both he and I are hypothyroid, but partly it is very noticeable because he has always had very thin eyebrows, and I inherited the darn things. Now I have to draw the suckers on if I want to have any, and there is nothing that keeps sweat from dripping into my eyes.

I have always gotten random thick black hairs that pop up on my head ever since I was a kid. I just pull them out when I see one. No one else in the family has those.

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You are all so very lucky that you have fine, blond, wispy things. I have one that grows out of my neck and it’s not fine or wispy. It’s dark brown and wiry. I call these “monga hairs.” I’ve invested in good tweezers that I use daily. I suspect I could be the “bearded lady” at the circus (if I believed in circuses, that is).

@augustian I don’t even want to talk about boob monga hairs. ‘Nuf said.
@La_chica_gomela Belly button hair beneath one’s belly button could be called one’s “treasure path.”

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We are a bunch of gross jellies, aren’t we?

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it’s those ovaries working overtime. The hormones that make us crazy also make us hairy. Horney too I guess

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@augustlan: And now that I’m over 40 and developing presbyopia, it’s even harder to find them unless I wear my bifocals… Gah!!

@Judi: Isn’t it the lack of our female hormones as we approach ‘the change’ that leads to a greater proportion of testosterone in our system that leads to more hair as we age?

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I was just saying hormones in general, test testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, the whole chemical mix.

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The fact that we are mammals has a lot to do with our having hair.

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@ubersiren -darnit! I found a very fine hair on my cheek today. Small, fine hair…about 1/2 inch long, near my nose.

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Ok, I’m giggling at all these answers and just thought after reading Cak’s latest, that maybe I should check myself out for facial and or nip hair.

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@suzyq2463: Lol! That is a term for guy’s hair not mine! Plus the shape (if there is one) isn’t really a “path”, it’s just a few stray hairs.

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@chyna I know, it’s like instant Karma!

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Whew, none noticed, so far.

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@chyna: so far! dun dun duuuuuuuuun

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@chyna I prayed to the Tweezer God that you won’t find one.

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I did have a stray nose hair sticking out not long ago and my brother tells me “Sis, you have a nose hair hanging, tuck it in.”
Who needs a sister when I have wonderful brothers like that.

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no kidding!

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Lurve for all the hairy girls. :)

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I get this one and I’m not saying where, cuz it’s kinda gross that somehow goes from not being there one day to being 3 inches long the next! I don’t get it, otherwise I’m a pretty hairless kinda girl, but that damn Nip hair…. ACK! I mean that stubborn hair just keeps coming back! damn Oh, and it hurts like a bitch to pluck too!

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That happened to my hair 2 years ago but now its grown out.

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Omg I was so glad to see all your comments! I’m not a freak of nature. Lol! I get dark stiff ( and some clear) hairs under my chin, one long black one on my shoulder & 1 on my boob. I pluck them all the time! I used to get one stiff white one on my cheek but I think it finally stopped growing back. Wish the others would! Can’t grow much hair on my dang head, but everywhere else no problem! Cruel joke of nature! I’m only 40 dag nab it!

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@TanyaLynn Welcome to the club! :)

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I am a little late to this thread… But…. I am 24 yrs. old and have had this prob;em for about 3 years. I get stray hairs on my chin and upper arm that are more course than normal. Sometimes I will find a long whispy hair on my neck as well. When I spoke to my GYN doctor about it, she told me that it was a classic symptom of polycystic ovarian syndrome. While I don’t have cysts on my ovaries I have the syndrome. She cave me a cream to remove the hair immediately (worked great!) Also a pill I take everyday (spironolatone) Since starting it, I have no more embarrasing hair and it actually cleared up the small pimple like spots on my thighs! Best of luck to all here!

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@christina87 Interesting! I’ve always gotten cysts on my ovaries, so that fits. Thanks for the info. :)

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