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How young is too young to have a tubalization?

Asked by sflwr09 (6points) June 6th, 2009

I am 23 with 2 children and am seriously thinking of tying my tubes. Would I regret it later when im 35 and want more children?

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How can anyone possibly know? None of us can read or predict the future. I had a vasectomy more than twenty years ago, but they are reversible. In my case I am not sure that I would need to, my last daughter was born a year after what was supposedly a successful vasectomy. If you have doubts, maybe you should wait.

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Assuming you mean a tubal ligation; here are some articles that might help you in making your decision. At your young age, imho, other less drastic birth control options might be a better choice. Only you can answer your own question.

The Procedure

Possible Side Effects

Information on Reversal Surgery

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No one but you can know. Do you want more kids now? Are you opposed to adoption?

Tubal ligations are much harder to reverse than vasectomies, so note that.

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If you don’t want more children, and are positive you never will…see a doctor. You have to go through counselling and what not since you are so young.
I personally am a fan of vasectomy’s. I wouldn’t get a tubal unless I was getting a c-section and they were in there already. A vasectomy is less invasive and less expensive.

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I have no idea if you’ll regret it when you’re older, but I will tell you that many doctors would not perform a tubal on a women your age. You’re very young. Most women don’t get tubals until they are older.

My mom was 47 when she considered getting a tubal…but she made my dad get a vasectomy instead, which is a smaller procedure and less invasive.

Perhaps you can also try the birth control pill? I’m on Yaz right now and I love it…haven’t had any side effects. According to studies, the pill, when started at a young age, can reduce your risks of having cancer in your breasts, ovaries, cervix and uterus.

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I will tell you my story. I was 23, separated from my husband, on welfare and had 3 kids. The doctor said, “you’re pretty young, are you sure about this?”
I said, “I know I had my kids young, but when I’m 4o I will still be young enough to do all the things I should have been doing at this time of my life. (Travel, finish school, party, etc..) I get back with my hubby and at 28 he died.
When I re-married, I found the most amazing guy in the world. He had never planned on having kids (actually had a vasectomy in his first marriage) so my tubal was not a problem for him.
I did, however find myself wishing we could have had a child together. It was not the end of the world by any means, but I was always so sad that he was an only son and had no children.
I have traveled, and had a blast since my kids have grown. (Haven’t finished school yet though.)
Just a few things to consider.

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@Judi Is it reversible like vasectomies are. Maybe you are looking at this from the wrong perspective?

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When I had mine They cauterized the tubes in 3 places. Not very reversable.

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@Judi Maybe in the future some woman might demand enough and give enough commitment from/to a man to have him take care of the proble and avoid irreversible surgery.
I don’t like cutting up a persons body when the future is certain to be uncertain. If some disaster happened and a woman lost all of her kids who can know what she would want to do.

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I asked my OB-GYN for a tubal ligation for 10 years and he kept telling me I was “too young”. Then I had an ectopic rupture and nearly died (in spite of two forms of birth control) and he finally agreed to perform one. I’d be surprised if you’ll find a doctor who will perform the procedure at your age.

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@syz , I think you would be surprised.

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I know in my state, if you’re young, you have to see a psychiatrist and they assess you as being mature enough to make the decision. My ex did that at 23.

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Have you thought about getting an IUD? It’s safer, less invasive, less expensive, more than 99% effective, and the best part, it will last up to 12 years, or you can have it taken out any time, in case you change your mind.

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I am dropping out of this question. I don’t have enough to contribute.

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