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Is it true that bug sprays have no effect on spiders?

Asked by archaeopteryx (873points) June 6th, 2009
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No. It pisses them off.

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You have to get a direct hit.

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What do you mean no effect? Do you mean you want to repel the spiders? Or do you want the spiders to be safe from the effects of the bug spray?

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Here is a list of sprays/chemicals that will kill spiders. (I couldn’t tell from your question if you wanted them alive or not. If you want them alive, don’t use these sprays.)

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No. If it kills insects, it will kill spiders, with the exception of certain formulations (that are usually pathogen-based) that are specific to only certain species of insects (such as B. thuringiensis sprays for caterpillars) or formulations that must be ingested in order to kill the insect (like ant poisons).

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Spiders breathe trough their skin. you have to get the petroleum based bug spray right on their skin. It suffocates them

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The most effective thing for getting rid of spiders is the heel of your shoe.

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I don’t have eight legs!

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hairspray them so they can’t move and then squash them…if you must. Usually I just go FREAKY and throw books and boots and anything within reach until it’s dead or I’ve lost the thing or I’ve calmed down

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@rowenaz Someone needs to show you how to shoot rubber bands. It’s a life skill you’ll use until you can no longer point a finger. Buy a pack of #16 band for $2.00 and spend a hour while you are watching TV. With a little practice you will be able to get mosquitoes, spiders, flies, from 3 feet away without throwing “books and boots and anything within reach”.
Place the band over your pointing finger and pull back along the finger with your opposite hand. Point at the target and let fly. Don’t use the more inaccurate method of looping over the thumb or pulling perpendicular to the finger.
I have been practicing for many years. It’s one of the more valuable lesson I learned in college. I once shot a Flintstone vitamin off my 4 year old’s head à la William Tell.

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