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Is MTV's the pick up artist real?

Asked by FLUTH3R (24points) June 6th, 2009

Ok kind of a stock question, but something that is debated at my job, and I want to know the real truth lol.

Do you think this show is real, completly scripted, or influenced?

IMHO it’s all fake. This guy goes into the “bar” and picks up all these women with his corney jokes. I haven’t watched the show enough but every episode I see he NEVER gets rejected, and the nerds ALWAYS get rejected (in the begining). Plus if I was a real nerd, why the hell would I go on national TV and tell people how I suck with women.

Who the hell in real life calls their women “sets.” The one thing I give him is atleast some of the tips he gives has a point.

What do you think?

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a) I think it’s influenced, if not scripted.
b) Some people will go on a reality show for anything these days, no matter how nerdly they are or what kind of public rejection they’re setting themselves up for.
c) Not that you asked, but… Mystery, or whatever his name is, seems like a total douchey tool. What kind of girl would find that attractive?!? I’d find it hard to not laugh in his face. The guy is a joke.

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i think it’s a real load of crap.

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It’s MTV. That should speak to the shows general level of credibility.

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My husband loves this show lol

I don’t know. I think the guy is weird, I can imagine laughing at him if I were to have him approach me in a bar. He seems like a decent guy though, or a really good actor.

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It’s probably influenced. I know for a fact, one of the guys on the first season is an actor, and was also in a few pranks on Punk’d.

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I’m sure the show itself is scripted to some degree, but this “secret society of pickup artists” really does exist. You can find a novella on the topic by Neil Strauss online, or read about it here:

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Remember when MTV was cutting edge music videos?

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@Judi remember when MTV wouldn’t play black artists’ music videos?

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Yep! I know a guy who was on Season 2. He’s actually best friends with my boyfriends brother. His name is Todd! The show is totally real. He actually learned a lot from it, and taught some people his tricks. He now, however, is in a relationship with this awesome chick I work with :D. Go figure.

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Guys, I hate to tell you this, but The Pickup Artist plays on VH1, not MTV….maybe that’s not the point and no one really cares, but I just think it’s sad that it seems like so many are bashing MTV for playing such crap (which they do) when that’s not even their show…

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