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How long should I wait to swim in the ocean after a pierced ear?

Asked by steveprutz (180points) December 27th, 2007

I am going to be scuba diving frequently, and wanted to know if a newly-pierced ear would be OK to swim with right afterwards. How fast can I start diving? I noticed this was already answered at Yahoo! Answers, but I don’t trust the responses.

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if its just a normal ear piercing like the lobe you should be fine. they heal rather quickly, and i really cant see water doing much of anything to it. If it is salt water your swimming in all i can really see happening is it being cleaned out by the salt. Lobe ear piercings are pretty hard to get infected from my experience. Have fun scuba diving ^_^.

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I would say that you should be ok but that you should make sure to clean the earring with the solution they gave you after you are out of the water. Also, if your ear does get infected, leave the earring in your ear and clean it, clean it, clean it. If you take the earring out, it’s harder to get the cleaning solution into that hole where the infection is. When the earring is in your ear, the solution can travel along the earring post to help wash out the infection. If your ear becomes really red and painful, then it’s time to see a doctor, but if you are cleaning it well you shouldn’t have this problem. Good luck, have fun!

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