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What's the most "optimal" camera for Scuba Diving?

Asked by chk8n (106points) February 22nd, 2011

I’ll be going Scuba Diving in the Summer. I know I have a lot of time to figure this out, but I want to see if you guys have any suggestions (for those who are experienced or have enough information to share).

I’ve done my research on my camera- Nikon d5000, but I don’t think I will sacrifice my $600+ camera for this sake.

I heard about the Flip video camera- has anyone ever tried it?
How was the quality? (No need to further discuss this if not recommended)

I want a camera that is good enough to take a picture of me and the wild life. It should be durable and will not break when I dive with it underwater. Please recommend something under $150.
It does not need to be more than 7mp.

What’s good (in terms of use and quality)?

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I do not have one particular one to recommend, however I do have a very comprehensive site which may be of help.
Also keep in mind, there are many “housings” you can purchase for a point and shoot. This way, it won’t turn into a camera you use only on occasion.
Best of luck.

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Most underwater cameras won’t go more than 15 feet. You need a specialized housing for your camera. My husband has had 2 cameras for scuba. The first was huge and had lights and was way to bulky.
I think you’re dreaming if you think you will find one under $150.
Here is the housing for the Cannon Power Shot..
Rather than searching for a new camera, you may want to google “underwater housing” and a camera you already have.

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Thanks guys!
@Judi: the housings can sometimes cost more than the camera itself- which is unreasonable. But yeah, I’ll definitely check out your link.
@Bagardbilla: Thanks for the site! It looks very comprehensive! :)

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Tell me about it! My husband spent thousands!

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