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What are the laws for a police officer entering your house?

Asked by simone54 (7634points) December 27th, 2007

Is it true is that they are not aloud to open a closed door with out a warrent?

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It depends where you live. In CT, they need a warrant for a house, or “reasonable cause for suspicion” for searching a car.

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No, they can if they want to. They just have to bullshit enough to invoke “Probable Cause.”


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Like everything to do with the law, it depends on what jurisdiction you are in.

The law relating to police entering your house in Victoria, Australia is something like this:

Police usually need a warrant to search property. However, they can enter your property without a warrant if they believe that they can make an arrest by doing so. Police are also allowed to search property without a warrant if they believe you have illegal drugs or firearms (this includes cars as well).

I imagine it would be similar or the same in many other jurisdictions as well.

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@johnpowell i wouldnt exactly use the onion as a reliable source ^_^

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In all states in the US, a warrant is not required if there are exigent circumstances—if they have reason to believe that someone is injured inside or that the evidence will be destroyed if they wait to get a warrant. And of course, a warrant is not needed if the owner gives consent to search.

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johnpowell: The Onion is a parody news web site, and not an actual news source. :-)

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