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Who is the richest person in the world?

Asked by HughBeaver (24points) December 28th, 2007

Is it sill Bill Gates? Microsoft stock has been flat for a while and he has given much of his money away to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Warren Buffet has also announced that he will be giving most of his wealth to charity. Is there a new top dog?

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According to Forbes Bill Gates is still the richest with a net worth of ~ $56 Billion. Followed by Warren Buffett with $52 Billion.

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It seems like its still Bill Gates but in April, Forbes and CNN announced that Carlo Slim, the mexican telicom giant, was the richest man according to this article

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According to CNBC In Ocotober 2007 Carlos Slim was overtaken by Mukesh Ambani @ $63.2 Billion. I guess trying to determine who the richest person in the world is at any given moment is difficult because, their net worth changes so frequently.


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Acoording to the Forbes World’s Billionaires ranking (updated the 03.08.07), Bill Gates is the richest.
Look at:

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Wikipedia also maintains a ranked list of billionaires and Bill Gates is still on top.

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Of course all the rankings are based on publically available information and some investors are partially off the charts. Paul Allen’s co founder of Microsoft sold virtually all of his Microsoft stock at it’s peak and much of his wealth is not verifiable because it’s not open to public record. As well as Mr. Slim has a lot of wealth under the radar. China in the next few years will probably be spitting out new billionaires with all their new growth and inovation. Bill Gates finally pasted W. Buffet back when Windows 95 released and at one point was worth 100 billion. Easy come easy go.

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I heard on the radio Buffett is back on top over Gates, Slim at number 2 if I remember correctly. Four people in India in the top 10.

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Why? Planning on extorting him?

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