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Any tips on how to not let the dreams I have affect me the rest of the day?

Asked by Facade (22899points) June 10th, 2009

My dreams tend to influence my mood for the day.

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it might be hard to do but just forget about them…or think of other dreams you had in the past to fit the mood you want

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@applesaucemanny And if there aren’t any?

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Dreams are really only your brain trying to sort out information it has stored. They don’t mean anything, they don’t represent anything, and they pose no harm to you. I observe my dreams like I observe a painting, they elicit reactions from me but I know that they are not real, so they do not affect my day to day life.

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Just realize your dreams are just dreams. That or try to analyze what they mean. Your unconsciousness might be trying to tell you something.

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@Facade then try to understand the meaning and correct the mistake

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@applesaucemanny There is no mistake…

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@Facade then just accept it for what it is… it’s just a dream

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We certainly are rationalistic here.
A dream is a gift. Give it ten minutes of your attention. Write it down in a book you keep
for this purpose. Every few days, take half an hour or so and see what the pattern of the dreams’ stories or scenarios looks like. Dreams are hold-alls for unresolved questions; put them where they belong: in a container you’re going to use. Then they won’t plague you; they’ll trust you.
Too hippy-dippy? Try it and see.

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@susanc Very interesting…

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Whether you actually write them down or not, I agree with @susanc‘s idea to give them a set amount of your attention and then ‘put them away’. The instant you’re done with this exercise, move on to something else. Something positive and mood elevating (listening to music, taking a cool shower, going for a run… whatever pumps you up and makes you feel good.)

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If you find a way to ‘honor your dreams’ then you will find your mood changing.
This is a cultural belief as well as a tool used by counselors.
For example, when I have a dream and a friend of mine is in it I often tell them straight away I had a dream about them. It feels important for me to do so (in some cases).
If you give me examples of the types of dreams you have I can help you think of ways to honor those dreams.
You could think of them as a pet. Your pet whines and whines at you all day and thus it affects your mood. But if you go feed your pet the whining ceases and then you feel much better.

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