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Windows Vista 64 bit taskbar - how does something go from a current item to a past item?

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) June 11th, 2009

I’m talking right clicking on the taskbar, select “Properties”, “Notification Area”, then “Customize”? I think my task bar is possessed!

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Before I attempt what you did, what was the result of those three keystrokes? Did the taskbar disappear completely or did you lose a task?

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If it doesn’t show you may have it on “auto-hide” where it will only show when you run over it with your mouse pointer. You may have also moved it so move your pointer across all edges.

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The result of those three keystrokes will show you some items that are listed as current, and other items listed as past. I didn’t loose the task bar.

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I’m guessing that if an item does not activate in the taskbar within a set amount of time, it will fall into the “past” category (mine includes USB devices I have not hooked up recently). I don’t know what that time period may be. I’ll fish around some and let you know if I find some info.

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I guess they don’t want to share with us how much time is involved. From taskbar, general description, help: “To reduce clutter, Windows hides icons in the notification area when you haven’t used them in a while. If icons become hidden, click the Show hidden icons button to temporarily display the hidden icons.” (emphasis mine)

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