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What shananigans have you done going down the road?

Asked by Clair (3817points) June 12th, 2009

Yesterday I was telling my hubby about a time when my sister and I were going down the road on a highway beside my mom in her car. Nobody was around…we’re crazy kids…so we flash her. My mom has a hissy fit but it’s absolutely hilarious to us.
Today this guy was breaking his neck to look at me because I had my leg up on the dashboard in shorty shorts. So I threw my legs out the window, kinda spreading them in a ridiculous way.
As a frequenter of road trips, I love to get into mischief out there. What are some of the things you’ve done?

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My father is a rural mail carrier, and up until very recently he used his own vehicle on his mail route. It’s a pain in the butt (sometimes literally) to have to sit in the middle of the front seat so you can reach the steering wheel to drive down the side of the road and also reach out the window to the mailboxes, so when I was about eight years old my family got its first right-hand-drive car.

On Sundays I used to get up early to go get the newspaper and have breakfast with Dad, and once we got the right-hand-drive vehicle, I’d beg to be allowed to bring the dog along. She’d sit on my lap with her paws on the dashboard and I’d put my seat back so other drivers couldn’t see me. It looked like a mini dachshund was driving the car. I didn’t really get to see, since I was reclined, but Dad got a real kick out of the double takes from the other drivers.

(I might be back with more stories later, but this one popped into my head immediately and I had to share. :D)

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@MacBean cute!
i expected the first story to be about the naughty shenanigans! i learned that you have to pick a time to do those that’s not important. once me and my SO were supposed to be at a race with the family. we all left at the same time but we arrived a bit later. my family asked how i got there so much later?! they couldn’t understand why my SO missed that turn with me having lived here all my life…hehee….oops..

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I used to flash truckers on the interstate. I figured they were lonely and could use a little spice in their day!

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Uhhhh-h-h-h-h-h-h…. @essieness, how old are you again?

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@robmandu 28… You totally thought I was 12, didn’t you?

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whew. Mental visualization re-engage!

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Naughty shenanigans? Me behind the wheel, wifey in the passenger seat, driving from Germany to Belgium. We timed it just right so that the missus gave a whole new meaning to me “coming across the border.”


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Back in my wilder days, my boyfriend and I would switch drivers while going down the highway… on a Harley!

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@scamp Is that your Harley? That thing is BAD ASS!

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It’s the year and model we had. I loved that bike, but I got the pic online. We had some pretty good times on it. Whooo weee, what a ride!!

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I once threw a roasted chicken on the hood of my friends car as we drove down the parkway.

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@ChazMaz XD Wow. Classic.

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