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How do I recover iPod games? What are some good iPod games?

Asked by pplufthesun (607points) December 29th, 2007

A while back I purchased Vortex and Tetris for the Ipod. Recently my computer died and I cant put them back on. How can I go about getting these games w/o paying again.

Additonally, what are the best games for the 5th Generation Ipod?

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As far as your first question, I don’t know if you can. I had a similar thing happen with the music, I’d bought a couple albums, the files themselves got wiped off my computer, now I can’t figure out if I can get them back. I’d imagine the games are the same way.

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I’ve heard that Apple is quite good about replacing lost or damaged purchases from iTunes. I would assume that applies to music or games (or movies, etc). Just get in touch with them and check it out, I’ve never had to do it myself but I’ve always found them reasonable to deal with in the past.

As for good games, I’d recommend Zuma for the iPod… its really well done and suits the clickwheel nicely. It gets a little repetitive but is always a good challenge for a few minutes (or more, as will often happen). I’ve easily got my money’s worth out of it.

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After maverick’s post, I did some poking around. Turns out on the apple support page, for the itunes store, you can request recovery for items that you purchased that you lost in a hard drive failure.
Click purchases missing, then click the hard drive crashed option.

In the message, just tell them that you purchased a game and your computer died and tell them the account name. (this says purchases so I’d assume it applies to all purchases, not just music)

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A weird bug syncing my iPod touch recently deleted an album I’d bought. It didn’t happen all at once either, just after I’d played the tracks. I reported it to Apple and 24 hours later I got a very friendly email telling me that it was waiting for me to re-download in iTunes. Very happy.

Yes, Zuma is fantastic. Sonic is amazing to see how faithful it is to the original, though the control system is tricky. Texas Hold ‘Em has drained the battery on my 5G more times than I care to recall, since it’s so very addictive..

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