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Should I get a refurbished iPod Touch 2G or a new 3G?

Asked by Truefire (155points) October 18th, 2009

Hey everybody, I’m thinking of picking up either a refurb 8GB iTouch or one of the new 8GB iTouch’s. (2G v 3G) Do any of you have experiences with both, to fairly compare? Also, anyone have pros and cons of jailbreaking either? I like to modify my gadgets, but it seems Apple software can’t be modded much to be worth it either way; should I just stick with the App Store?

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I decided to go with the refurb 2G, and use part of the saved difference for a screen protector.

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The “new” 8 gig Ipod Touch is the old one with a price decrease. The only ones that were upgraded to the third generation were the 32+64 gig ones.

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the 2G referb was a great choice, the 3rd gens are just faster and Bluetooth, other than that no difference, so you might as well go with 2G, so again, great choice, plus its a thirty dollar difference, so don’t just buy a screen protector, buy a case, i have a switcheasy case ( you can get the rebel case for the itouch for 25 bucks and they are the best cases in the world, mine has lasted me for two years, plus it comes with two really good screen protectors and a bunch of other things, just a suggestion.

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