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Continuously buffered desktop capture software for Mac?

Asked by mcs (73points) June 13th, 2009

I capture a lot of video clips for reference/analysis, and am looking for a program that would buffer a set number of minutes of desktop video, which can be saved at any point.

So it would continuously watch my desktop (or part of it), and by clicking a button, the past few minutes of it would be saved to disk.

Does anyone know of software or hardware that can do this?

Thanks!! I’ve been searching for this for a while, but haven’t found anything..

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I would have said ” Camtasia ” but unsure if its mac compatible : so

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Thanks for your response, but that’s not quite what I’m looking for (I should have been more detailed, sorry). I have a few standard desktop recording programs, but they are kind of inefficient. What I’m looking for is a feature – to create, for instance, a 3 minute buffer of video that is continuously recording, but automatically deleted once past the 3 minute mark. However, when a button (or some trigger) is pressed, only the buffered video is written to disk.

This would solve a few problems – excessively long videos that have to be later trimmed for use, and the wasted disk space it requires.

I didn’t see anything like that in the list, but I’ll keep looking. I’m not even sure if a program with this feature exists, so…

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I really hate to say it, but I don’t think such a program exists. However, for just normal screen capture I like iShowU HD or Snapz Pro X. Those are, in my opinion, the two best screen recording apps out there for mac. They may be as close as you will get.

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Just stop it at 3minutes or something , maybe there is an option for this or similar in the options/tools section

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Thanks dverhey, I’m using iShowU HD & Screenflick, but will check out SnapzPro X. I kind of figured this feature may not be out there. The problem isn’t so much stopping it at 3 minutes, but that I don’t know when I want to start it, so ideally, after seeing something I wanted to capture, to be able to grab just that & a few minutes around it would be a great nice feature. Anyway, I appreciate the responses!

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Yeah. Snapz Pro X is pricey, but it’s the best out there. Not something I would shell out 70$ for, but it sounds like you have a certain feature set in mind.

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There is also Silverback. Which I use for usability tests and for making training videos. It will also capture video with a PiP from the iSight… along with the audio of course.


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