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How can I record video directly onto my iMac?

Asked by Supergirl (1676points) December 8th, 2008

Can I use iSight to record a video onto my iMac that I can burn onto a DVD? I have googled and found nothing helpful!

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Assuming you’re coming from an external video source, you may want to check out a company called Elgato. They have products that plug in via USB or FireWire that do what you’re describing.

One word-some programs from television have copy protection, rendering those devices useless. Otherwise, what is your video source?

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Yes, the iSight will record video and the built-in mic will record audio. Use QuuckTime Player or Photo Booth (!!) to record your movie.

From there, you can make a DVD in iDVD.

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I prefer to record directly into iMovie, so that I can add any effects I want and string together multiple iSight videos. Your computer should have iMovie ‘08 or ‘06 on it. I greatly prefer ‘06, especially for recording from the iSight. If you don’t have it, you can download it from Apple at this link.

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