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Who or what is destroying my newly transplanted indoor plants to the outside garden?

Asked by peggylou (1138points) June 14th, 2009

Within a week of transplanting my geranium and hydrangea from inside potted plants to my outside garden, they have been destroyed by something that cleanly cuts the stalks of the plants. It looks like someone has taken a sharp paring knife and made clean cuts down the stalks. I used Miracle Gro on the geranium and Mir-Acid on the hydrangea after transplanting. HELP!

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If you are a wildlife lover that doesn’t want to shoot rabbits, or live in town where you can’t shoot rabbits, try putting deer urine around them, or pepper spray right on them. You can buy both at any garden center.

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So you think it’s rabbits, eh? Nasty little animals!!!

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That’s my guess from your description of the sharp, clean cuts.

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No matter what animal it is, the hot pepper spray will stop it from recurring.

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A jealous neighbor who’s garden sucks.

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You can borrow my daughter’s animal trap. It’s a sophisticated system involving a box, a stick, a string, and a handful of cracked corn. Just today she caught two chipmunks and a bluejay. I’m sure it would work on rabbits too, with different bait. All critters were released immediately, except the bluejay. He escaped on his own in about 1.5 seconds. This trap has the added bonus of keeping a child occupied for an entire afternoon, no batteries required.

But it does sound like some animal is eating your plants. I’m having the same problem with my strawberries. Something is eating them cleanly off the stems just before they ripen. I’m going to try that pepper spray, because I think it’s either chipmunks or rabbits.

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Do you see tracks? Deer usually eat ours.

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Mice are another possible culprit.

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