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While we're on the topic of trolls, what do you think the best punishment for deliberate trollers should be?

Asked by jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities (20014points) June 14th, 2009

Instead of just having their questions removed, I think they should be alerted via IM, text, and email every time somebody asks a high school relationship question. After seeing “Is he really into me?” enough times, I think we could effectively eliminate trolling.

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Email them a nasty letter ;)

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give ‘em a David Carradine, Vegas style.

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@eponymoushipster ouch, don’t wanna get on your bad side!

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forced anon

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They should be forced to endure slow, sloppy,oral sex performed on them, three to four times a day.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a question to ask about right wing, homosexual, black Christians.

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We should be able to cross their bridge without paying.

Oh! That kind of troll…

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Put them feet first through a dull deli-slicer.

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Have Uncle Vinnie pay them a social call.

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Tree chipper.

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A mild electric shot to their keyboard.

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A late night visit from the Kanelli brothers

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Vise + Testicles = Unhappy Troll

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@cprevite I think the lack of testicles is what causes trolling in the first place, not sure a vice would be much of a threat!

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Each time they hit the answer button they receive a picture of either Joan Rivers or Willard Scott (naked).

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@jonsblond or a popup leading to the “one guy, one cup” video

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I wonder how the Mikado would deal with them.

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Do not nibble at their bait. Ignore them. They seek attention. Do not feed them. In time, they will disappear. Unless we really could electrocute them

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Oooo I just remebered testicle clamps!

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I wish all people could deal with trolls like this.

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