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Where can I learn about database design?

Asked by arturodiaz (553points) June 15th, 2009

Im working on a project which will require database design, the problem is that altough I have worked with microsoft SQL server, postgre, mysql I have never been my self into a situation where I have to design a database model.

What resources do you suggest me to start learning about the topic?

The project consists in desining a data warehouse and then a multidimensional model for data analysis and DSS. But I want to start on the basics and when I have a good foundation start growing from there.


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Find a good book on it—if it talks about things like normalization, first normal form, second normal form, it will cover the basics. This used to be taught in information services college programs, so you should be able to find them all over the place.

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There’s a lot of training courses you can take; your employer should pay for it as part of your professional development. It’s deductible for them.

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In Pune ORATC is the best institute to learn database design.
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