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The power of suggestion.

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Yawning is thought to be contagious because it is involved with Mirror Neurons that trigger an imitative reflex. You can read about it here on wikipedia.

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For the newbies:

Yawn link

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When you yawn you take all the oxygen out of the room, so anybody nearby wants to take in as much oxygen too? lol

That’s what I was told as a kid anyway..

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No one truly knows why.
There are several theories as to maybe why, but there are really no scientific facts that one can say…this is definetly why. Scientists have studied it for decades, still no definate answer to why we even yawn, much less why is it contagious.

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sara; we have a longtime ongoing joke on how to misspell “definitely.” Check your answer^^. G

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f in spelling for me! iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii totally forgot the iiiiiiiiiii! lol

Be glad I don’t post alot!!!!!!! I don’t think it really counts though does it? It is a chat board and I can get away with it here.

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Don’t count on it. The collective is more than your average chat board, I promise you.

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Well if someone feels the need to point out my spelling errors, that is just petty and I will ignore them.

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Then you’re on the wrong site. It’s more than spelling, dear heart. We are a knowledgeable, sophisticated (sometimes), experienced and compassionate bunch. Being clear equals being helpful.

You want to rise to the occasion here; not stoop to the lowest common denominator (that’s a mixed metaphor.)

Check this out to get a sense of Fluther.

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galicalled, like I said…if I don’t have perfect spelling and someone is being petty, I will ignore them. I have read quite a bit on this site and their are many mispellings of peoples post. I don’t see anyone being petty and pointing them out. I don’t know what your purpose is…but I don’t think it’s to help me. So from here on out, I just won’t have anymore discussions with you. I am smart & intelligent and if you think otherwise…then that is your problem…goodbye

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@sara: I have no purpose. I drift and annoy people. I am dumb and stupid and unintelligent. It is my problem. Hello. You are free to not have anymore discussions with me.. Ignore us.

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Ignoring you

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