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How can I change the desktop background on my new Linux pc?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) June 16th, 2009

I know it’s a stupid question, but you see.. I’m still under the deep effect of windows..and my Linux pc came with some affiliate telecom company. it’s rather limited, as far as I can see.

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Which distribution do you use? it should be as simple as right clicking on the desktop.

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it might seem ignorant of me, but I’m not familiar at all with the Linux family quite yet.
I wish to learn more and I’m spending my hours off work trying to get to know my pc better.
So I don’t even know what version of Linux I’m dealing with. So, to answer your previous question, would you know of any way I could find out for first the version; whether xandros..or other? I’d appreciate it. P.s you’re dealing with a beginner in this field, so.. I hope this didn’t surprise you.. XD

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YESS.. I’ve got it.. Eureka..

it’s Xandros.

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If you’re using the Xandros OS that comes with some Asus EEEPC’s, I recommend switching to a different distribution.

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yes, I’m quite sure it’s that version of Xandros we are talking about.

I see.. I might want to understand the reason for your suggestion better, so to appreciate it more.

It has come to mind, indeed.. in fact I was / am seriously considering Ubuntu ( I don’t know which version is most suitable for both the eeepc itself and my requirements ) .

So, why? what are the disadvantages you have found to this combination of asus eeepc and xandros ?

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I don’t know Xandros except from from screenshots, but one advantage Ubuntu has is that most people seem to like that so it’s probably your safest bet. Also, it has documentation available, while I couldn’t find any for Xandros. In there, you could look up how to change the desktop wallpaper if you wouldn’t have found out by just right clicking the desktop.

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@Vincentt @Ivan very helpful as always, mates. thanks.
@Vincentt I think that indeed would be my best shot. I’ll most likely give it a try.
Al I need is a 1G pen drive to install it, right? it doesn’t overlap the preceeding OS, becoming fixed on the motherboard, does it?

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The Xandros OS that comes on EEEPC’s is very watered down and basic. It’s pretty limited; it’s pretty much a palm pilot OS. You won’t be getting the full benefits of Linux by using it. I, too, recommend Ubuntu.

On my EEEPC, I use Eeebuntu. It’s just Ubuntu with all of the drivers added so you don’t have to tinker with anything, it should just work right out of the box.

You will need to put it on a flash drive. I use a program called UNetBootin. It’s pretty simple.

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You can indeed use a flash drive to install it. I’m not sure how Xandros is installed on the Eee PC, but if it’s just on the main storage device then I guess it’ll be overwritten but in that case, you should be able to reinstall it if you decide you miss it. Eeebuntu does seem like the best choice indeed, and if you’re in doubt about anything, the Eeebuntu wiki seems like a good palce to start looking for help.

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