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How do I get pictures taken with my Motorola Razr into my computer?

Asked by sjg102379 (1245points) December 6th, 2006
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There is an adapter that you hook from your cell to your computer (mine is usb) than you upload your photos
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It depends a little on your carrier
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Verizon tries to charge an arm and a leg, but you can "hack" your phone to transfer all your pics/music for free
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If it's another carrier, it may be simpler
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As amccabe said, you will need a usb cable (if it's the RZAR, this should be the same as a standard digicam cable... buy on ebay for a cheap price), or if you've got a bluetooth computer, you can do it all wirelessly
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Agreed... what kind of computer/carrier do you have?
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I have a Dell Inspiron
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I recommend a program called Motorola Phone Tools v3. You can find it on BitTorrent. It will interface with your phone and allow file transfer and contacts / calendar backup.
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Otherwise I use P2K Manager in Windows to go into the phone a bit deeper. You can edit and delete the stock photos/sounds/themes and replace them with customized ones. However this is much more advanced. You can google RAZR and firmware and find a plethora of sites with some decent FAQs to get you started.
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i'm not sure if your dell has bluetooth but i use a mac with bluetooth and it's quite simple to turn on and then press teh "Find me" in the connection portion of my RAZR. Then on my computer I see all my photo, video and music files. (oh and i use tmobile). a slower but super easy way also is to just email your photos one at a time to yourself...
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I thought with Verizon you can send your pictures to Pix Place...and then they are online and you do anything you want with them??
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alley--how do I email them to myself? (I also have tmobile)?
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once i have the pictures in my email how do i save them to my computer so that i would be able to get to them by going to my picture file? and also how could i make the pictures bigger if they were sent from a cell phone?

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almost all cell are accessoried with a USB data cable to sync with PC

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