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Are angels small enough to dance on the head of a pin?

Asked by wundayatta (58635points) June 16th, 2009

I always imagined that angels would be big, maybe even bigger than humans. They’d fly and hover and generally be pretty serious. It was hard to imagine one fitting on the head of a pin, much less ten. And imagining them dancing? It just seems like angels wouldn’t have much fun. Too much work to do. I have no idea where my image of angels comes from—maybe paintings? Pictures in books?

Where do you think your idea about angels comes from, and when you picture angels dancing on a pin, what does that picture look like?

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My thoughts….anything that doesn’t actually exist can fit wherever you want it to.

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Which way up is that pin? Are we talking about pole dancing here?

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If it were a big enough pin, even I could dance on the head of it.

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Back when I was struggling to develop a faith in God, I found that I could easily believe in angels, and even “felt” their presence. I believed them to be larger than life, the kind of guardian angel that can wrap its wings around you. So, no, to me angels weren’t that small.

While it was beautiful to imagine, I no longer believe in such things.

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I suppose angels could, if they felt like it.

As angels seem to me beings eternal, I feel that they would be more relaxed than us mortals.
Other than that; (the eternal nature and not having to worry about your next meal) I’ve always thought that they’d all have different personalities.
My angels are prob. more relaxed than yours- as as a child, I was heavily influenced by precious moments.

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Eternal entities need not be restricted by the laws of physics, science, or the cardboard box known as the human brain. Attempting to formulate some answer to this question is meager entertainment. Perhaps the question that should be asked is how many rich men can find their way through the eye of a needle.

My picture of an angel comes from a lifetime of advertisement via paintings, books, internets, etc..

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I heard they were small enough to dance with a pinhead. Does that count?

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I just wanted to make it clear that one does not have to believe in angels to imagine them. This is more about your personal image of angels, and whether that image, taken literally, would be able to dance on such a small dance floor. And what life experiences inform that image.

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I can’t really picture angels because I’ve come to accept that anything spiritual is beyond the grasp of the human mind. I believe in God and such, but as @NaturalMineralWater said, eternal entities shouldn’t be restricted by the laws and boundaries viewed in the our mind.

If I had to give one an image, I guess it would be an orb of light, much like what people claim to see in paranormal experiences. Since orbs have no feet, I don’t think they could exactly dance…

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Angels are the size of the neurons taken to imagine them. To my understanding, they only exist in one’s imagination.

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Such serious answers. I’m beginning to think no one is gutsy enough to share their imagination.

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I do not believe in angels. So I do not see them dancing on anything.
In the process of man trying to put a face on god. Angels have become a byproduct.
Just as today, sci-fi can be convincing that we convince ourselves that it can be real.
Back in the day, paintings were so “supernatural” and emotional. People grabbed the idea and ran with it.

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I have never seen an angel, so I suppose that they very well could be so small that I can’t see them. However, if I have to actually draw what I imagine an angel to look like, I tend to go with about 6 feet tall. Various authors have described them as being huge but I don’t see that.

As to what angels dancing on the head of a pin would look like, I can only rely on an image foisted on me by early Sunday school teachers, that of little tiny blond-haired creatures wearing glowing white robes and holding hands. It isn’t my image but it is what I was told it should be like.

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Seventeen, if we’re talking about a regular straight pin that you use to hem up a skirt. If we’re talking about non-regulation “pins”, obviously this changes.
We’re talking about a certain kind of dancing: the waltz. For just standing in place and boogying, they need much less space and will invite some pals – last I heard, they’d set an informal record at 46; but this party left room for the bar and bartender and the dj – with a loud iPod and pre-boozing, they coulda squeezed in more.
Good question. Seems like most people here are pretty ignorant.

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@susanc you are my favorite person of the day. Here is your prize….

God I love MS Paint

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Why does it depend on the type of pin? No pin is absolutely pointy. Looking at one with an electron microscope, its head comes to a danceable surface.

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Actually!!... I often look up to the light (natural light) and see tiny particles…millions of them (no it’s not dust) rushing around all the time lots and lots and lots of them…different colours… this is a constant phenomena…they are everywhere… but it easier to see them against white light…

I have often thoughts this is energy… or angels… that I can actually see… but then those thoughts are quickly followed by “shut up lynne…it’s probably something simple to do with reflections in the back of the eye…” or something just as boring…

anyway, it would be cool if they were angels…and in that case…..yes they could fit on the head of a pin!

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If there are angles. Do you think they are respecting your shower time?

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I would expect that if there were angels, then they would be divine, and they could dance on anything they wanted.

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@ChazMaz I think they’d probably be sitting on the edge of the bath and giggling…

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I think they are tiny, but can become big enough for us to see when we need their reassurance. My grandmother saw an angel twice; once guiding their car on a long-distance trip to visit us and the other time hovering behind her sister in the hospital bed just before she died.

btw, I’m not sure I believe in angels, but that is how I imagine them and I kind of believe Grandma

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@lynneblundell Angels are too kind to laugh at us. Fairies are a different story altogether. ;)

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@ChazMaz – I think we’re talking about the HEAD of a pin, which is the flat top of it,
not the point. Only two angels can dance on the point, because tiny though they are,
it’s hard to balance on that thing, even with wing stabilizers.

@drClaw: thank you, that felt good.

@Supacase: they get big when they need to help people in trouble – as big as needed.
Sometimes they’re too big to even fit into our range of vision. Have you ever looked at a big summertime sky full of clouds that tower up and up and up? What do you think those are? Right: angels’ skirts.

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My conception of angels has always been that they are about the size of a human being. Angles dancing on the head of a pin does not fit in with my mental image of what an angel looks like.

When I do think of angles dancing on the head of a pin, (which requires a significant change to my angel paradigm) I see them holding hands, in a circle, moving around the head of the pin in a counterclockwise direction.

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I always imagine angels as human size and too serious to dance. Not that I accept the Bible, but I suppose my image of angels is formed at least in part by the story of Jacob wrestling an angel.

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@Supacase who said they were giggling at us? :-)

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@petethepothead – Sounds like you may have had the same Sunday school teacher that I did. Do yours wear white gowns while they dance?

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Yep, white gowns and little yellow halos.

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how horrible it is to assume that all angels have the same body type! if you have a bunch of sienna miller angels, i suppose a bunch more could fit than a group of beth dittos. but the type of music they’re dancing to also factors in. are they dancing at a rave? are they cranking dat lion king”? or are they tangoing a la dean martin?

ps, if you hadn’t guessed, i doubt any of those links are safe for work, but they are pretty amusing.

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@tiffyandthewall lurve you! so hilarious! brightened my day!! xx

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@daloon I’d love to imagine they could dance on the head of a pin =) In fact, I don’t know where you came up with the strange idea that they’re not fun! Ever listened to the “Lord of the Dance”? Proves Jesus has a sense of merriment, so I can’t think why on earth angels can’t have it too :)

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