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Women: Would you rather a guy text or call you?

Asked by GanjaGrabber (1points) June 17th, 2009

To chill. You know, hung out a few times just cause she been around. The girls really feelin me. Would you rather a man text or call you to chill?

Texts to me seem kind of pussy and time consuming while some people find calls “annoying”

(Im going to guess call, what does fluther think?)

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Call to me signifies more interest.

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Texting someone you’re into, especially at the beginning of a a relationship, is the same thing (imho) as saying directly “Hey, I think you’re ok, but not really worth me trying to be a good conversationalist and spending actual time on wooing you when you’re not directly in front of my face. And besides, I’m too immature to know what to say to a girl on the phone.”

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But you can document texts that are juicy

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I can’t see that it really matters. Everything seems so casual these days. It’s not something to agonize over. Well, unless you want to entertain yourself with the tension of wondering if she’ll say “yes.” If you want to hear her voice, give her a call. If you don’t give a rat’s ass about how you get together, text her. You can always tell her how you “be feelin’ her” later on. If it’s still true.

It’s fascinating how much you can learn about contemporary culture on fluther. I think I’m going to chain my daughter to her room, far from the computer!

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I like to “chill” in person. A text is a text and a call is a call.

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If you’ve got balls, you’ll call.

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Call. Texting someone is the least amount of involvement a guy could show me, followed by email.

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Text is too lazy and convenient. I would prefer to call (being a man) and prefer a call.
I understand texting being a “safe” way of doing things. But, I find that it gets out of hand and quickly becomes shallow. A very big turnoff for me.

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Call me. I don’t text.

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It called, “booty call” and not “booty text”. Call.

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I would have to say CALL..

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Call. My (now) husband learned that texting was not the way to my heart.

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Occasional texts are nice when you’re in the relationship, not when it’s just in its infancy. I love getting random smileys from the boy, but if he started our relationship relying on texts, well, it wouldn’t have gone very far.

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call!(for the millionth time)
texts are just too lame when it’s about “the guy”...

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Why not just text her and say your gonna call? That way you have them both covered.

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while i get that calling is more acceptable, i personally hate talking on the phone. how about a text with plans to talk in person? (:

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I would normally say to call, but thats if you want to talk for a while and youre prepared for a long conversation. Honestly, I dont think the girl is going to give a damn if you text her real quick to say lets kick it.

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I would text first and if the responses were pretty quick I would just cave and call…I would take it as a hint that she wouldn’t mind.

I personally always a prefer a text first from the guy. It kind of eases the tension…

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If you two are ust friends, I’d prefer a text. But if the feelings are more than that, he’d better call.

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