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Where do you draw the line to get attention?

Asked by antimatter (4424points) September 12th, 2013

I started visiting dating websites and was very surprised to find a few websites where you may find explicit content that is about as close to pornography. I may understand that people like me may be a bit desperate to visit a dating website and try to find a few friends, but posting full frontal nudity to draw attention is a bit to extreme for my taste. I can still go with pictures of lady’s in swim wear and sexy clothing but where do you draw the line to get attention?

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Ahem. You may have inadvertently stumbled upon “booty call” sites where people are more interested in sex than dating. Thanks to the fact that I have identified myself as male to google one too many times, I get ads and spam for such sites.
I have been married for 9 years now so I have not visited a legitimate dating site for a while now. I’m not even sure how to search for one without getting to the booty call sites.

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I don’t get to draw the line. The big players on the Internet draw it for me.

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I think long and hard before I even put my face on the Internet.
I would never, in a million years, but my naked body out there for all the world to see.

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Dating sites are chock full o’ perverts.
I am 53 and joined a seniors dating site and I swear, every guy is an old sex addict.
You don’t have to post nude pictures to find plenty of sexually compulsive and obsessed people.
Anyone that would expose themselves in that manner is not someone you’d want to date anyway.

Recently I exchanged a few emails with a seemingly nice guy, we discussed wine tasting and other common interests, then, the pervy bomb dropped.
The 3rd or so email he sends he asks me if I like to masturbate.
Fucking REALLY?

Delete, you are the weakest link. lol
I quit responding and he kept sending me emails, telling me he was lying in bed thinking of me, etc. Gah!
I finally wrote him back and said….

” You lost me as soon as you mentioned masturbation.” haha
My subscription expires on the 21st and I will not be hanging around in the land of old horndogs. Dating sites are waste of time, better to meet people on your own, the old fashioned way.

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@Coloma I’m so sorry. What an asshole!

That being said, I’m cracking up right now. Not because this guy is such a jack hole, but because of the way you worded your response!

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They just get worse and worse as they get older. Jesus mercy, time for a little salt peter in your soup. lol

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I wouldn’t even post pictures of myself in a bathing suit. It’s a dating site. If I wanted to attract men who only contact me because they like my body, I’d go stand on a street corner somewhere. Might as well get paid for it.

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Online, I would draw the line before my fingers ever touched the keyboard. No thank you.

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O dear @Coloma it happened to me, chatted with this woman for about a month and than she started with the weird stuff! I am not into tying people up pushing weird stuff up their asses. I deleted her from my chats and took her off my Facebook.
@Katniss I still hesitate when posting something like a picture of me on internet, so don’t feel alone. @YARNLADY I would rather draw the line before even taking off my shirt, I’d rather stay single before I do something like that. I think I got too much pride before I pose naked on the internet. Well said @ETpro but I am starting to think that they manage to slip past the Big Players.

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@antimatter Glad to hear that weirdness has no gender bounds. Pffft!
I swear…what is WRONG with people? lol

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I don’t know @Coloma but celibacy seems to be a more attractive choice. LOL!!!!

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@antimatter I agree.
I JUST wrote off another guy, who continues to pressure me sexually after being VERY clear about my non-interest. I agree, think my 5 year celibacy is still going to remain intact for quite awhile, maybe forever. lol

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Streaking without a sack over your head.

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