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Do I get to call myself a Scientist?

Asked by ABoyNamedBoobs03 (7543points) June 17th, 2009

I’ll be graduating with a degree in Physics… I’ll be doing mostly research and development with electromechanics. Soooo will I’ll be able to go to a bar and tell women “I’m a Scientist…”???? because… that would be amazing…

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Only if you’re wearing a lab coat and holding a beaker. Only then can you truly be a scientist.

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Let me say this, ABNB, that statement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…. You’re better off telling them you’re a plastic surgeon…

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Of course, congrats, and put it proudly on your business card.

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Sure! All the hot chicks love scientists. :D

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I personally think it sounds more important to say “I do R and D in Electromechanics” than just “I’m a scientist”. I have no idea what electromechanics even means, so I would be really impressed if you were hitting on me in a bar!

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@knitfroggy Did I ever tell you that I do R and D in Electromechanics?

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities You did not. I’m intrigued and impressed…tell me more

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@knitfroggy I’m doing research to figure out exactly what Electromechanics is. As of yet, nobody knows. Typical day at the office.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Damn. You are a sexy man. Who would have thought Electromechanics could make someone look so good?

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@knitfroggy As it turns out, fumes from the various beakers do wonders for your complexion.

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@shilolo – you are a cynic, but it’s a good line none the less!

I personally would be most impressed with a veterinarian.

But ABNB, I think Electromechanic sounds really intriguing!

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities that’s pretty much exactly how I see it going down in my head. followed by several women pooring jugs of chocolate syrup on their skimpy white shirts and trumpets sounding as everyone proceeded to bow…

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@augustlan That’s what I was thinking… I thought it was the jocks that got the ladies.

@ABoyNamedBoobs03 Just tell them you play water polo on the side and then you’ll get your trumpets and chocolate syrup.

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@Randy, I live in a house off campus with 6 water polo players. There have been zero syrup parties nor any trumpets. They must be doing something wrong.

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only if you make things explode and wear this shirt

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If you’re “funded” you’re a scientist.
If you’re “paid” you’re an engineer.
As a male, I think “scientist” sounds better. However, marriage-minded women know that engineers can fix anything around the house.

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Did you consider calling yourself a research physicist? Tell them you were a theoretical physicist like Einstein, but mere theory bores you and research is more lucrative. One of them ought to fall for it (cover your bet….make sure she is drunk before you tell her)

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…unless your name is Sheldon Cooper.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 I’m about to graduate with a “Bachelor of Science” degree. If this (that’s pretty much exactly how I see it going down in my head. followed by several women pouring jugs of chocolate syrup on their skimpy white shirts and trumpets sounding as everyone proceeded to bow…) isn’t exactly what happens after I graduate, then I am returning my degree and expect a full refund from the University.

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Electromechanics sounds sexy, unless they think you’re a mechanic who fixes electric cars.

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I prefer Mathematicians, but scientists are close second…

Last summer, I happened across this group of Austrian quantam something or the other guys. They introduced themselves as scientists, and, perhaps it was the language barrier, but specific=better. when you’re first introducing yourself at least They came off really silly and full of themselves.

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Haha. I just got a bachelors in biology and I was telling people I was a scientist before I even got the degree! I’ve been doing research since my freshman year so I always felt more like a scientist than a student. Now I’m working on my Masters’ and it just sounds better to say I’m a scientist than to say I’m a graduate student. Saying you’re a grad student is like telling someone you’re poor… Of course, it’s entirely true, but that doesn’t mean I want to tell someone in the bar that! :)

So can I get in on the chocolate syrupy women…? I do research on the genetic basis of behavior, which sounds almost as snazzy as R and D with electromechanics!

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 you could totally say it spence… however… if you REALLY wanted to get the girls you could have gone into a different field so you could walk up to them and say “I’m a Doctor”. (and if all works out in a few short years i’ll be able to say “plastic surgeon”)
but i guess scientist works too lol

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@fireinthepriory…No, with a degree in Biology, you don’t get chocolate syrup, you get whipped cream….the real stuff in the aerosal can, not that Cool Whip crap. And occasionally, if you are good, you get that wonderful glaze they put on cinnamon buns. Well, at least that is what I get with my BA in Biology from UCLA.

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@whatthefluther Awesome! I actually like whipped cream better than chocolate syrup (unless it’s cool whip, which I’m sure we can agree is horrendous.) Plus whipped cream is way less likely to stain than chocolate syrup!

So I’m pretty sure the clear moral of this story is to get a degree in a science. :)

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Scientists, unite! Who is up for some bar hopping? Oops, count me out….I forgot I’m getting married tomorrow…but the whipped cream and glaze are both on for the consummation! I’m an old scientist, anyhow…you young fellas go out and have some fun! wtf

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Well don’t worry, we’ll keep it alive out there while you have fun with your new hubby. (Tomorrow on the news: Young scientists flood area bars… everyone leaves sticky!)

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@whatthefluther Bar hopping + “special” dance club = bachelor party. Since we are all spread out, I suggest we each take the opportunity to celebrate the last day of your bachelorhood.

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….. lol nice link….

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And coming from ABoyNamedBoobs03, whose name imparts a deep understanding of relevant anatomy, makes the comment even more germane. GA lurve to you, fine scientist! Man, you should have seen her 25 to 30 years ago…actually, my best friend hired her as a return favor….I had hired her for his bachelor party some five years earlier. We all have photos with our heads immediately below what appear to be mouseketeer ears…she is a sport

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Physics research ain’t exactly brain surgery.

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No, but it is rocket science.

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Welcome to the club!
the computer scientist

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