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Apartment dwellers - are there people in YOUR building obsessed with knowing "Did the mailman come"?

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) June 18th, 2009

And it’s actually awkward for me because I pick up my mail from my box late so I always have to say “I don’t know”.

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We’re a bit odd about it, but that’s because about 75% of the time, he delivers all the mail to the upstairs where the other two building dwellers get their mail. And 25% of the time, he delivers all of it to me, down in the garden apartment.

And not just, like, ads or whatever—I’ve gotten their bank statements and they’ve gotten my financial aid stuff.

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I think most people are obsessed with knowing if the mailman came.

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No. They’re not.

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I didn’t say all, I said most. My parents are both mail carriers and say otherwise.

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Well, out of 108 families that live in MY building there are about 10 people that are obsessed with the coming of the mailman.

I didn’t say “interested in the mailman coming”, I said “obsessed”. These people will check the mailbox several times a day until he comes.

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The only sentient being obsessed with the mailman here is my dog. Whenever we take a walk around the apt. complex and she sees the truck she starts to wiggle and squeal. As soon as the mailman spots my crazy little friend, he gives her a biscuit. Nobody else seems to care about when the mail arrives.

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@SirBailey I meant obsessed at the fact that they literally wait at their mailboxes until they get their mail.

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this is an amusing question. i don’t live in an a apartment building, but my mum’s job is sort of ‘home care’ for this very obnoxious elder lady across the street. she is incredibly obsessive over the mail. drives my mum crazy. the time the mail comes here always varies between around 2:30–3:30, yet this woman always asks my mum constantly if the mail came hours before. ;p

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the mail man never comes so we get him

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