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Where can I get soft comfy bedsheets that won't break the bank?

Asked by SarahBeth (110points) June 18th, 2009

Maybe it’s just me, but bedsheets seem so expensive!! I would prefer to not sleep on sandpaper, but don’t have a lot of money. Does anyone have any good suggestions on where to look?

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Keep an eye on the clearance stuff at Cost Plus World Market, if there is one near you. I have bought the best bedroom and kitchen linens there. Be patient and watch for the stuff that they change out and the end of the seasons. I got the BEST sheets there ever, for about 70 percent off.

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ross or tj maxx! they have jersey sheets, flannel sheets, and these wonderfully soft ones that i can’t even explain. they’re pretty well priced, and there’s quite a variety.

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TJ Maxx, for sure. They sell 300+ count cotton sheet sets for around $30, sometimes less if you can find them on clearance there.

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If you can, try and find bamboo sheets. It’s the softest softiness I’ve ever softed.

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@andrew Never heard of bamboo sheets. Are they just in your part of the country?

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I just bought a new summer bed set from Lands End for $70. It is all 300tc. You can find sheets there for $50 on sale. You can buy them for very good prices at Bed Bath and Beyond for $20 set up in the sale bin but they are usually pretty ugly or broken sets. Sometimes the cheaper sets are made of inferior cotton even with a high tc.

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When you go to these good places, watch for high thread count, but also stick your hand inside the plastic thing and feel it. Sometimes they make high-tc fabric that’s intrinsically sharp-fibred, so crowding it together doesn’t make it soft or smooth. That would be the “inferior cotton” just described by @galileogirl.
IKEA sheets’ sizes are smaller than identically-labelled sizes made in the US. Also, another version of skimpiness, they don’t have a big hem on the upper edge, and it looks kinda sad. IKEA, land of looks-good/fails-to-satisfy…...

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Tuesday Morning
Ultra high end designer linens at pennies on the dollar.

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Be sure to look here for more information.

@chyna bamboo sheets

To help you understand the high prices, take the expected life of the product and divide the price by that. If you expect to have the sheets for $10 years, and you pay $100 for them, that’s only $10 per year. Is it worth it? Yes, you will be sleeping soundly now for the next 10 years.

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Target has bamboo sheets at a reasonable price. However, I suggest estate sales, garage sales and Goodwill. Those sheets will have been washed many times and so will be as soft as they will ever be. They are also cheap.

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I have seen some really good sheets for cheap prices at Kohls.

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you can get Egyptian Cotton at walmart for around $18..Egyptian Cotton is the most amazing feeling!!

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I tried to fing Egyptian cotton in Egypt and they looked at me like I was nuts.

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