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What show should I watch next?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) June 18th, 2009

I just finished watching season 8 of the x files and I have 1 more season and 1 more movie left. After that, I will probably have less of a life than I already do lol. So after X Files, I wanna watch one of the spin-offs The Lone Gunmen, but it only has 12 episodes. There are 2 other spinoffs—Millenium and Harsh Realm but they don’t seem as interesting.

So what should my next show be? Something I can really get into and has a storyline and something to look forward to after every episode.

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gotta love the tag on this one..“god i have no life”

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Flight of the Conchords.

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fringe was really good for me after x-files.

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Also, are you restricting this to a specific genre?

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The Riches. It’s not about the supernatural (it’s about gypsies), but the show is great! Give it a try.

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Lone Gunman was good, and I liked Harsh Realm. Never got into Millenium.

what about watching the entire Star Trek compendium start to finish, in order of release?

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Try some Joss Whedon; I always recommend Buffy.

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@Phobia Well, it’s kinda true lol
@dverhey I was thinking of that, but after watching it numerous times on plane rides, it just seems, well, stupid. And I don’t like dramas or stuff like The OC or The Hills. Something that makes me think would be nice. Or a good chuckle that I could duscuss with friends.
@noelasun I’ll look into that. I’ve heard mixed reviews.
@jonsblond That looks kinda familiar, but it seems like it fits into The OC category, just judging from the website.
@eponymoushipster Uhhhh, I don’t think I’m that devoted. Also, I wanna have a girlfriend at some point in my life lol. But in fact I was considering it until I found out how long it was.
@tinyfaery I can’t stand Buffy!

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The Wire
The Shield
True Blood

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Oooh… True Blood, definitely.

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@Mtl_zack yeah, 3 seasons ST:OS, 6 OS films, 7 seasons TNG, 3 TNG films, 6 seasons ? DS9, 6–7 seasons Voyager, 5 seasons of Enterprise and the new film

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HBO’s Rome was great.
It took me a while to get into Fringe, but now I love it.
True Blood is loads of fun.

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Ah, yeah, cool. That was just one of the first ones that came to mind. Sure, it’s silly, but it’s a fun every once and a while.

Rent some of the old seasons of Miami Vice and watch those.

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If you want a good laugh, you can do no better that It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities yes x 100!

@Mtl_zack if you’re gonna switch to comedy, definitely Sunny!

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BURN NOTICE!! (if you like the spy genre)

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I third that. Always Sunny In Philadelphia is genius.

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@PnL geez, are you on the payroll or something?

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Burn Notice is really good.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is the funniest show since Arrested Development.

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Lurve to you. I watched every episode of X-Files. Take it back, I skipped most episodes Mulder was not in. He was my hero.

Charmed is a great one if you don’t mind that it’s mostly chics.
Firefly is great but short.
Lost is great (hard to get into unless you start from the beginning).
Torchwood is similar to X-files but at the same time quite different. It is a BBC show.
Dresden is good but short.

If you want different category, say Humor.
I would recommend “Monk”. Now that is funny.

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@Mtl_zack It is the complete opposite of the OC. It was nominated for many awards including The Golden Globes and The Emmys. The show is very smart and quirky.

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Ignore @eponymoushipster . Burn Notice is pure win. I like Alias too, but I don’t think you’ll like it if you didn’t like Buffy.

Edit: The below rant on USA network reminded me: if you are looking for comedy + detective-ish stuff, Psych is pretty good.

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ignore @PnL. She’s trolling for USA Networks and guys suffering the residual effects of a stroke.

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Ok, now it’s down to:

The Riches

Burn notice barely got on my list

And Always Sunny In Philly will be “in addition to” whatever I choose. That show looks hilarious!

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Have you seen Extras? If you want funny, that is the show.

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Extras is good.

Also, The Sopranos, if you haven’t seen it through yet.

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I didn’t like Fringe myself. I tried to get into but it is really off-the-wall. And the character development is nice and quirky but not really deep as if you don’t believe it (i’m not sure how to phrase this as I have no experience critiquing). But hey you might love it.

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@RedPowerLady Yeah, I need a profound, complicated relationship between characters. Mulder & Scully, Jim & Pam, etc…

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Buffy, Buffy, Buffy! Whedon is a welding genius!

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@Mtl_zack Sopranos for sure then.

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@jonsblond Yeah, I misjudged. But that sorta thing isn’t what I’m into right now. I want deep thoughts to think about hmmmm…
@eponymoushipster The Sopranos is added to my list.

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Ok, I know I’ve already put in the good word for Always Sunny, but I have to post this. I nearly peed myself.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities i don’t even have to watch it, just seeing the url i know which clip it is. “What can you see? What can you smell?

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I cannot stress this enough.

The Prisoner is the greatest show of all time. Watch it. Absolute brilliance.

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I know it is late but if you take the time to watch Lost from the beginning you will be in love with that show forever.

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Mad Men. Very well written and acted.

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I’m totally loving True Blood on HBO, it’s a great show if you like Vampires. I also just finished season 3 of Dexter. I really enjoyed that. Heroes is awesome too.

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Whatever happened to good ol comedy?

Red Dwarf FTW

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Any show from Showtime network is great. Especially Dexter! Rome and Tudors are awesome.

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@Humble I love The Tudors, too. I never quite understand what’s going on, but I love to look at Jonathan Rhys Meyers! :) Dexter is awesome. I am reading the books now that the show is based on.

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I’m throwing in one more vote for Dexter!

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Six feet under, makes you can’t wait to watch the next one!

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Absolutely Dexter! and True Blood is very good, too.

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Firefly (much better than Buffy)
Battlestar Galactica

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arrested development!!!!

you won’t want to stop watching it.

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If you haven’t seen it yet, then go with Doctor Who.

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Wire in the Blood, Life on Mars and its follow escapes me something to do wth ashes both british tv shows and are VERY good. I also like Ghost Whisperer xx

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I know it’s not quite along the same lines as the X-Files, but hey, it’s Duchovny! It’s only two seasons long too, so it doesn’t take too long.

Weeds is good as well, but that is nothing like what you’ve been watching. What about Lost?

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i’m not sure if it’s to your preferences, but i think pushing daisies is kind of the best show ever. i really don’t watch tv, but that’s the one show i’m absolutely head over heels for. and it ended, which does have pros – you can start at the first season and not have to worry about never being able to catch up with where it is now. they rent them out at blockbuster.

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I watched the 1st episode of Torchwood and it looks amazing!!!! I can’t wait to watch more. It is just what I’ve been looking for.

Thanks for all your input :)

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@Mtl_zack Great! Glad you liked it. The good news is too that it is a current show so there will be more episodes once you finish watching the back ones. :)

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Breaking Bad.

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Six Feet Under and Dexter are both amazing shows.

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According to me chuck is the best, and you can watch Flight of the Conchords also…..

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Try The Mentalist too that’s quite good

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This i just a list of things ive been watching.There is no order. Things with a * next to them are thing ive seen all of. Hope this help you to find somethig good to watch….

5 days to midnight
odyssey 5
the lost room*
point pleasant
american gothic
eerie indiana
the hunger
dark angel
Joan of Arcadia*
my so called life
She-Wolf of London
Defying Gravity
Stargate 2012
The 4400
Stargate Infinity
Painkiller Jane*
bionic woman 2007*
the Invisible Man
My own worst enemy
stargate all of them*
legend of the seeker*
vampire diarys*
vampire high*
blood ties*
tru blood*
being human*
doctor who old and new*
john doe*
true calling*
buffy the vampire slayer*
angle *
being erica*
gost wisperer*
cougar town*
red dwarlf*
the dresden files*
wolf lake
kyle xy*
jake 2.0*
human target*
misfits bbc*

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