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Should my gas stove smell faintly of gas?

Asked by funkdaddy (17777points) June 19th, 2009

I just moved into a house with a gas stove, I haven’t had one in years. A few times throughout the day I’ve walked through the kitchen and caught a faint whiff of gas, nothing strong, and even when I smell it if I stop and try to make sure I usually don’t smell it again.

I checked the pilot lights on the stove and they’re lit, nothing seems amiss, there’s definitely no buildup but I’m just wondering if it’s something worth worrying about? If it is, how do I check it out further? I’d like to think I’m fairly handy, but don’t know where to start on this one.

Thanks for the help.

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there will be some seals in the gas lines.. usually rubber stoppers or a teflon film around the actual connector. try some soapy water on all the access points and if you see bubbles then there may be a small leak that you should have looked at. But from my experience most gas stoves will at some point or another release a bit of gas on occasion.

So the gas smell shouldn’t be something to worry about too much… if your gas stove starts smelling like charcoal however… you have an issue on your hands.

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If you are the owner, have a service person come out and inspect it. Our gas company offers the inspection service free. If not, tell the owner.

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Call the gas company and they will come check it out for you.

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The gas company can come out and take a look, for free. We rented and called the gas company ourselves, you don’t need permission for something like that.

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That’s a small leak. If you’re handy some soapy water on the connections will show where it is.
If you call the gas company they will find it for you with a wand. Depending upon the tech he might either shut off your gas. Or put a temp plug over it. And require you to fix it yourself within xx hours or days.
In my old house had a leak and fixed it with 1/8 of a turn on the fitting after the tech showed me which one it was. It took about 3 seconds.
Hysterical people will yell: “Get Out! Get Out! Run for your Lives!”... Ignore them, but do get it fixed.

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@Lupin Try telling that to the guy here in Sacramento who died when his house exploded because of a gas leak.

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there’s a hose in the back of the stove that connects it to the gas line – you can get the hose replaced. it’s not too expensive – less than20 for the hose, plus the cost of the service call. better safe than sorry, and it’‘s not good to breathe that, either.

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@YARNLADY I’m willing to bet that line was badly leaking for a looong time.
If the explosion didn’t kill him the gas bill would have. ;-)

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I recently had a gas leak after an old stove got replaced. It took over a week to diagnose where it was coming from. That is because the professionals came out to test in the end and found a leak behind the stove in all the hose/valve sections, fixings. I was very sick from this, the on site manager kept looking at the stove and said he did not think there was a leak but my nose and body told me otherwise. I recommend get a professional out to look at it.They have meters to test that is very important to diagnose it. This saved my life! I believe I had a leak before newer stove got put in but did not really know it.I had smelled gas slightly before but not enough for alarm until the hoses got moved after installing newer one it released an obvious gas smell. I am not a professional but I would not play around with gas leaks. I believe you should not smell any gas unless you turn on stove and that should not be long in lingering. Listen I was experiencing multi body pains and headaches, memory problems ect. before the leak was fixed and thought it was because of a bad life style habits. Well, guess what, this was happening for over a yr. before being figured out. I felt like I was dying and really was, slowly.

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turned the oven on and the gas smell is overwhelming whats going on?

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