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What gift should I give my friend for her birthday?

Asked by coolgadgets (1points) June 19th, 2009

I asked the same question at Yahoo Answers, and a guy suggested me get a stylish watch. I just have no idea. Are there other choices? Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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It’s very hard to suggest anything without knowing a little further information. What does your friend like? Is your friend male or female? Does your friend have any hobbies?

Really, some further information would be very helpful.

This isn’t spam, is it? You aren’t really promoting that website…right?

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hi cak,
thanks for your quick reply. My friend is female. She loves sports. i have given her necklaces and earrings as birthday gifts, so this time i want someting different…..........

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What about a new sport accessory? It’s hard to recommend one without knowing what sport she engages in, but there are accessories for every sport I imagine. Such as, a set of stylish sweat absorbers.

Tell us a bit more about your friend, what sports she likes, any other hobbies or interests she may have, even her age would let us recommend a better gift.

I don’t recommend that site you linked to, those watches look really really cheap and shoddy, especially for those prices. I imagine they’re bulk imports from China, I can’t wear those watches as they have chemicals which irritate my skin. Plus at that price I imagine the watch will break very soon.

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Does she have an iPod or any form of one? What about accessories for it, while she’s working out – or accessories for some other kind of mp3 player?

If you want to get her some kind of watch, I wouldn’t go with those things on that link, they are cheap looking and @dynamicduo nailed it, they’ll probably fall apart quickly.

Timex and Casio make great watches or athletes, if you are still heading in that direction.

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A twenty pack of “D” batteries.

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Does she play basketball or soccer? What about WNBA tickets or MSL tickets?

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