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What's your view on the racist attacks in Northern Ireland right now?

Asked by Saturated_Brain (5235points) June 19th, 2009

They finally nabbed some of the culprits but really.. I’m just stupefied. Call me insensitive or whatever but really… After decades of fighting each other you Northern Irelanders (those involved in this racism) finally have peace, and after maybe five years you start the violence again. Except that now instead of fighting each other because of religion, you fight other people of different ethnicity.. Are you tired of the peace or something? Do you need to do something violent and stupid to prove yourself?

I pity the Roma.. They get discriminated against everywhere, and you’d think that in N. Ireland, where people know what it’s like to be discriminated against, people would care…

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Well.. That’s more complicate than “are you tired of peace or something?”
because I think the main reason is the culture clash. They are immigrants and immigrants has this kind of problems (racism) everywhere…

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It seems a new thing in Europe (again, I’m afraid). Simple politics where xenophobia is used as a carrier for political means. Ireland is recently hit pretty badly by the recession.

Frustration and poor economic outlooks are great breeding ground for these kinds of phenomena. I find it deeply sad, worrying and a historic blasphemy.

BTW, I thought they were Rumanians, not necesarilly Roma. The Roma are a seperate ethnic group across Europe that have had enough sad pages in history to warrant a separate chapter as well.

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The in-group, who can’t do anything about their troubles, demonizing the outgroup and blaming them for the troubles as a way of kidding themselves into thinking that they are doing something about the troubles. It’s a long, sad, universal human story, stemming from our evolution into social, tribal animals. (and, if you don’t accept evolution, then i guess you’ll have to blame the evils in human nature on God?)

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The united states problems all began with a poor immigration policy on the part of the native americans.

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i’m confused Roma or Romanians?

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@mammal From what I know it’s Romanians who are mainly from the Roma minority.

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@Saturated_Brain Maybe cause my limited English I am still confused…
What is “Roma Minority”?
Roma=Capital of Italy
Romania= European Country

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@whitenoise Yes I am serious… I did not understand the sentence because my primary language is Spanish. I am still learning English, so I didn’t know that Roma refers to people from Romania. In Spanish it is Rumania the country and RUMANOS people from Rumania,
ROMA capital of ITALIA

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They are a ethic group that are prominent in Rumania, but not limited to a specific country. A more common but impolite and also not fully corrct referral would also be gypsies.

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@El_Perseguidor Yeah @whitenoise got it correct. The Romanians are the citizens of Romania. The Roma (or gypsies) are another ethnic minority group who are scattered throughout Europe. I can see where the confusion could easily come from.

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