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For users: How often do you check your friends' on out as regards what they're listening to and new music?

Asked by eponymoushipster (20297points) June 19th, 2009

I like to check out what other people are listening to, in case they’ve got something cool and new. Is that creepy? Do you just use it to “like” music or whatever?

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I guess every few days at the most. I don’t never check a friend’s profile, but I don’t check it very often.

Are you a stalker eponymoushipster?

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The real stalkers are the subscribers who check everybody that ever visits their page.

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Occasionally I check out my own profile and quickly see what other people are listening. One friend of mine has quite a similar musical taste so it’s a good way of finding new music, but I got better ways. Also, another friend of mine who also has a taste that is a subset of my test is an active user, so when I’m not at home I like to play his music :)

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i just started using and added most people on the fluther group. but have not had a chance to check the profiles yet… might do it this weekend.

Either way i get most of my new music tips from @eponymoushipster or @essieness lately.

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I’ve been a pandora listener, and just started a account. I’ve definitely been checking other peoples profiles out.

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I just started using it again (started the other day). I haven’t been on since last Nov., I think. Yeah, I do check out what other friends are listening to. A lot of the people on my friend’s list have similar taste in music, and this way, I get to find new artists through them.

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I did at first but then I realized how needy I was being.

I’m bearspot at…add me, add me, add me.

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Part of the reason I have a account is to listen to what my friends add to their favorites, what moves them and appeals to them during different times. I love having my inbox fill up with songs shared from others- some they think of me and some think of my musical tastes, it’s all welcome.

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hah every other day… at least

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