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If you could come back to Earth as an animal, which one would you be? why?

Asked by lady4life (234points) June 19th, 2009

after death..

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A human.

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@Ivan . . .How can you be so tightly wound at such a young age?

I would come back as a stubborn ass. i’m a creature of habit

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I am sure I have Karmic debt so I have no idea, perhaps something a little more lowly…perhaps a mouse, or a rabbit? I’d love to be a rabbit! Except for the prey part.

I’m starting to think enlightened, deserving souls come back as cats in good homes. Aloof, intelligent, and pensive, cats look down on all humans. Who wouldn’t want to be reincarnated as a cat? :)

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Eagle, I want to fly as a eagle

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I wish that I could be a shapeshifter. I’d love to experience a dog’s wonderful nose, the thrill of flight, the ability to swim wherever I wanted. I don’t see a way to pick just one animal.

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Can I be an animal on another planet?

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I would be a dog so I can be taken care of my entire life :-)

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I would come back as an owel, for three reasons, 1: I would be able to fly, 2: I would be considered a wise animal, 3: I have lived during the day, so it is time to live at night.

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Milo: I am definitely not coming back as Gail. She could not have caught the four mice I nabbed today. I’ll most likely come back as me.

(@raptorum: Owls are good spellers, remember.)

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@kheredia Only if you come when you’re called and don’t chew things!

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Beverly Hills’s Chihuahua… Easy life!

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A cat. Hopefully a pampered house cat. I want the freedom to be moody and sleep whenever I want and have people think it is part of my charm. Then when I’m feeling affectionate, I can suddenly be adorable and people are willing to stroke my fur on demand. Plus I can piss of cat haters by sticking by their side and shedding all over them when they visit my home. All I have to do to keep the gig is purr, look cute and poop where I’m supposed to.

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A cat for me too, of course.

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I would like to come back as a dolphin. I love the ocean and from all accounts, dolphin’s are very smart creatures.

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A Zebra in a lion-proof habitat. Why? For all the obvious (and not so obvious) reasons.

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I would come back as Nessie.

A mystery, a legend.

I even get my own website.

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A Best in Show dog, they have the best life!

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A house cat for sure. No better life than that!

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@The Compassionate Heretic

Yes, of course you can

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yep deffffinitely a house cat. I’m jealous of mine, he just sleeps on my bed all day and sometimes eats. that’s the life.

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a well-cared for cat. spoiled, but not to the point of being harassed. preferably without children in the house

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A male Leatherback sea turtle. If I survived to become an adult, I’d get to spend the next 50–100 years flying around the world in the gulf stream. Also, I’d play an important part in controlling jellyfish population :o)

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