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Treating blister on balls of feet?

Asked by killertofu (115points) June 19th, 2009

I believe I have second degree burns on the balls of my foot from running on asphalt and sand today. Both were very very hot, and now my foot is blistered over. What could/should I do to treat it?

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If you have burns all the way around, you should go see someone. It could cut off blood flow if the swelling is too much.

If the blistering is only on the bottoms of your feet then you may be able to avoid a trip to the hospital, but will want to go get (or have someone get) some aloe vera/lidocaine spray. I got really bad burns one year and had to apply that spray almost hourly for the first day or two. I was nauseous from the sun poisoning and couldn’t sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time that night.

Vitamin E capsules can work too if you cut them open and apply the juice, but the spray is best since you don’t actually have to rub it on the burns.

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@fireside I’m guessing it is 2nd degree because of the asphalt temperature. It doesn’t feel like a burn but just a bad blister.

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@killertofu – I’m guessing it is second degree because of the blistering and pain. You’ll heal. It just sucks to be burned on the bottoms of your feet.

Here’s some advice from the Mayo Clinic. They actually suggest getting medical treatment immediately.

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@fireside Thanks for the link. Since its less than 3” diameter I guess no doctor is needed. Thankfully there is no pain unless pressure. I’ll just keep off my feet.

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I got nasty blisters on my heels and the balls of my feet running on rough (and hot) concrete on Wednesday. I took a warm shower and washed them off and did not pop them. Like yours, they didn’t hurt unless I put pressure on them. Today they don’t hurt at all and they are almost gone.

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@SuperMouse This is good news. Thanks

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