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What is taboo to you?

Asked by Zen (7738points) June 20th, 2009

What topics? Or can’t you even say them here? What questions wouldn’t you ask, for fear of being judged?

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Hmmm I didn’t know we could ask more than 2 questions now
Oh well I would ask:
Do I troll?

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I honestly cannot think of a question I have that I would not post.

I think nearly every taboo anyone may have held has been posted here.

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They let me ask three at a time, but only if they’re really really good.


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@Blondesjon—That was the sweetest taboo. I remember not being able to get it unstuck from my mind for ages.

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@Blondesjon Damnit. Now it is stuck in my head. Curse you for not choosing a less annoying song.

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I can think of two subjects never to broach on here, simply because too many people let their emotions rule their minds instead of being able to accept the facts, as researched by independent scientific research. What are those subjects? Not gonna say. hint: religion isn’t one of them.

Fluther is better off without them, and do we REALLY need more flame wars and discord on here?

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Personally, I avoid asking sex-related questions (they make my monitor blush) or political questions (I love debate but I hate all-out insane war).

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Perceptions of Taboo have evolved over the course of time. Taboos are also influenced by society.
Long ago, the mere sight of a woman’s ankles were enough to raise men’s temperatures. In some countries now, I imagine it still can. Here, in the US, it takes more than ankles.

Another example, in midieval times, the act of two people placing their palms on one another would hold the equivalent of French kissing today.

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@Humble Welcome to Fluther.

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it’s a board game where you have to describe something or someone without using a certain word, usually the name of the object or person.

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It’s also a perfume.

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@AstroChuck That took me back to jr. high. I didn’t know they still made it.

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Taboo is so powerful, people are reluctant to even talk of the concept of taboo let alone specific taboos.

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Jokes about everything related to the Third Reich.

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@mattbrowne so no off Broadway revivals of “The Producers” for you, eh?

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“Spring-tiiime, for Hit-lerrr, and Ger-man-yyy…”

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Well, I might be able forgive Broadway because New York City is far from Berlin. I’m totally aware that some people are more relaxed about it.

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I haven’t seen anyone advocating snuff films, yet.

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@daloon . . .i think if someone wants to film themselves chewing tobacco, more power to them.

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@Blondesjon So you wouldn’t mind being the star of a snuff film? Sigh.

Better not let that get out to the public. Oops. Too late.

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