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What type of services does the internet lack?

Asked by seVen (3478points) June 20th, 2009

Is there anything if at all that be essential to today’s internet that haven’t yet been made? maybe something like a think tank decision maker for instance?

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A good massage.

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Some place that would motivate me to work out more would be nice…

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accountability and security.

the internet was designed by scientists and was not originally intended for global consumers. there’s no “caller ID” and identification of users. this facilitates cybercrime and abuse.

i’m hoping the USA funds a new internet overlayed on top of what we have now so government and high security computers can not be compromised.

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You should be able to give a mild electric shock to someone you’re having a cyber argument with. Kind of like, the internet’s equvalent to slamming the phone.

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@marcosthecuban, I interpret your message as advocacy for the ability to track all internet usage by the government. I think this is an extremely bad idea. Anonymity grants people far more benefit than internet control would.

The best way to prevent cybercrime & abuse is to keep highly confidential data off the network, which is typically the protocol that is followed. A much greater concern is when data is handed over willingly (social engineering), which may not require the use of a computer at all, or when some careless individual leaves confidential data in an unsecured location.

I would not even want an internet if I was afraid to use it to speak out for fear of retribution.

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@mcs Welcome to Fluther.

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Bar service… I’d love a margarita right now, but this laptop just won’t make me one!

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@juwhite1 Yes- bar service would be most welcome.

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@SirBailey I was going to suggest that we need a way to punch people in the face through the internet

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That’s good, too!

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It should be made a tad more difficult so all the extremely stupid people wouldn’t be able to get on it :P

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@mcs i hear you about your concern that the government is going to ‘track’ usage. but that’s more an ideological dogma than a real reason to refuse internet accountability.
do you have a:

social security number?
driver’s license?
bank account?
scholastic record?
arrest record?
real estate property?
device with GPS?
tax return?
motor vehicle?

if the answer is yes to any of these, then you’re already being ‘tracked’ by the government!

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A self destruct button.

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I’d like to so a good lyric interpretation site where users get together and discuss the meanings of song lyrics. There’s a couple out there but they don’t cover many songs or the way users interact is all wrong.

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Bear hugs.

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Last mile coverage. There are still parts of the US that don’t even have copper coverage. I know there are parts of West Texas that have no cell coverage much less data coverage.

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The ability to make a milkshake for you while you’re working. Or playing

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Google wave, due out late 2009, has some features pertaining to image viewing and sharing which are not currently supported by HTML5. So even if the “net” is not evolved enough, it won’t stop you from having the latest technology. If that was what you were worried about missing out on. Other than that, you’ll have to DIY :D

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…a telepathic search engine. Of course every ten seconds it would switch to porn for most guys.

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@marcosthecuban, here’s the difference: no one is (or at least should be) using the information you list to actively monitor people’s activities unless they are already under some significant suspicion, determined by state and federal law.

What I understand you are proposing is to be able to tie a person to their online identity, which would be a lot like requiring everyone to wear name tags & be embedded with GPS enabled RFID chips.

First, the people who would commit these crimes would find a way around your tracking system, either through a brute force network intrusion, or by stealing an innocent person’s online identity. Alternatively, as I mentioned, the easiest way to get confidential data is to let someone with legitimate access hand it to you. For those reasons alone your suggestion is absurd to me.

Also, we would have to cut ourselves off from the rest of the world’s internet because the rest of the world would be essentially anonymous to your tracking system. Either that or you’ve got a big hole in the system that defeats the purpose of tracking.

Finally, the fact that my car is registered with my state does not allow any practical tracking value. Now, if I wrote a scathing article about some organization and was pulled over, only then to be threatened/harasses by the police about the article, I would then be worried. The fact that the state knows that I have a car, and that I owe $x in registration fees is not the same caliber of “tracking” as you are proposing.

Is your latest argument basically – “since big brother is already watching us eat, we should also let him watch us sleep”? Seriously? Because that’s how it reads to me.

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i was suggesting that the reason that cybercrime is out of control and getting worse is that the current internet protocols allow terrorists and other bad guys to stay anonymous and virtually untraceable. i offered that up in the context of how we can improve the internet.

the orwellian big brother boogie man scares me less than the bad guys out there trying to hack my computer, steal my identity, plant trojans, and terrorize pc networks.

now, i ask, you seriously prefer these bad guys?

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More Fluther?

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There has to be a better way to absorb all this information anywhere and whenever than by just staring at a screen (be it on your computer or on your smart phone). When do they start plugging us online?

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