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What does clackamas mean in the Native language?

Asked by grapejelly (7points) June 20th, 2009

there are inactive volcanoes in the area too.

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Which native language?

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Do you mean Clackamas county in Oregon? If so, it was apparently the name of the Native Americans that inhabited the region.

If not, well… sorry! That’s all I could find googling.

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The Clackamas Indians were a tribe of American Indians of the American state of Oregon. It is a county around Portland Oregon.

I live there.

edit :: D’oh, I’m in Multnomah County.

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It probably means “the people” or something like that in whatever language the Clackamas indians spoke language or not. :)

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This source says that “Clackamas” is a corruption of the name by which they called themselves, “Guithla’kimas”, but that the significance of the name is unknown.

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Sorry, I misread the question.

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wow, that is really cool. thanks.

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@grapejelly Welcome to Fluther!

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