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Did North American Indians consider Mars as a sacred celestial object?

Asked by Brian_Ghilliotti (313points) May 23rd, 2018

I know the Mayans most likely were aware of and probably attached religious significance to Mars. I know that North American Indians revered the Moon, Venus, and the Sun. What about Mars?

Brian Ghilliotti

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My memory may be failing; but the only people I remember having a fixation on Mars lived in the Roman Empire.I’m part Native American & I don’t remember any history on acknowledging that Mars even existed in our culture.

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Native Americans have fluxed a great deal over thousands of years. There is evidence of generations being quite adventurous and technological, and yet devolving for reasons still unknown to us.
City of the dead, (now under water) is a good example of mysteries lost. Some were lost through natural disasters. Much was lost when settlers tried everything to erase the languages, laws, and beliefs of indigenous people.
I know this doesn’t answer your question, but it might explain why information on the subject is tough to find.

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The Myans and Aztacs did. The Greeks did. The natives of Easter Island did.
But since Native Americans didn’t have a written language it’s hard to know.

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I doubt it. It has never been proven because they did not have any written records. Native Americans are also more tuned with the Earth rather than focus on the astrological. Mars is probably just another star for them.

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Native Americans didn’t have a written language but they were proficient at sharing their words with their children. Until the children decided the old folks were no longer wise, they passed the word from generation to generation. It’s sad that ALL that knowledge will be going up in smoke…NO pun intended!!!

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