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Are there any good places to go snorkeling in the Virginia Beach area?

Asked by Vecsus (16points) June 22nd, 2009

I’m headed to Virginia Beach for a weekend vacation in a couple weeks and would like to get in a little snorkeling. Unfortunately, all the google hits are for dive shops, hotel deals, etc. Nothing helpful. Not even BING gave me any relevant information. Thanks in advance.

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Um, you don’t want to snorkel in Virginia. The water is nothing like what you seem to think it is. You’re not gonna see a foot down below, much less any wildlife.

If you want snorkeling, hit up Hawaii or Florida, not Virginia Beach.

<—Lives in Virginia.

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Yeah…like I tossed a coin and chose Virginia Beach over Hawaii. It’s a simple weekend getaway, not an annual vacation. I’ll just bring my gear and hope for the best.

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How did it go?

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