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Are tankinis in fashion?

Asked by kittykat219 (136points) July 18th, 2011

I’m going to be hitting the beach this summer and I need a new swimming costume.
I don’t really like bikinis because I don’t feel comfortable in them and I don’t like one piece swim suits either.
So what about a tankini? Is it still in fashion?
Any other swimming costume ideas?

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Yes. And, they allow for you to actually swim w/out the top falling off or scooping down ;)

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@kittykat219 Are you looking for brands that are “trendier”?

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Well aren’t bikinis the big trend this now?
All my friends are getting them?
Are there any other brands that are trendy?

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Just spent 8 days near the beach. Bikinis seemed to be the preferred style. The women that went with tankinis at first switched to bikinis for the rest of the time.

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Tankinis are definitely in fashion. I’m a one-piece gal myself, but when I’ve gone shopping, all I see are bikinis and tankinis.

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Is there the possibility of getting one of each? Bikinis provide more skin exposure, if the goal is to get a tan, but the tops can be a challenge if you plan to swim or participate in beach sport activities. The last few times I’ve been to the beach, there were plenty of women wearing a tankini, but the location may have had something to do with it.

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I personally love tankinis. I wore bikinis when I was younger, but I’m not comfortable in them anymore these days. In addition to trying to go with what everyone else is getting, think about what will look good on you and your body type. Go to the store, try some on, and see which ones flatter you the most. Good luck.

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They’re not as popular as bikinis, but that certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear what makes you comfortable.

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If you don’t like bikinis or one piece, what else is your choice? Why worry about the fashion, wear what is comfortable for you. Personally tankinis are my least favorite. My worst area is my lower tummy, and tankinis sometimes pop up just enough for my stomach to stick out. I think seeing my entire midriff looks better. Although, it does seem some vendors got smart to this and make their tops a little longer. Some are still short in very trendy vendors, Because I think they want the peekaboo to happen. I also like a one piece for practicality when I swim, and I think they can be very flattering. Tankinis are all over the stores, I think the tend to be worn by people who have a hard time fitting a one piece, usually because they have a long torsoe, or are a very different size on top then on the bottom. but want coverage. Anyway, they a still out there, if you prefer one, I think you should wear one without any hesitation.

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Also, which beaches? FL? Michigan? Rio? I just wrote on another Q I use basically wear a monokini on South Beach.

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Tankinis aren’t as trendy as they once were, but they’re still acceptable beachwear. What’s most important, though, is whether they make you comfortable.

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Of course tankinis are fine if they make you comfortable.

I don’t think they were ever really “in style” though. A few years ago they were just introduced as an alternative for girls who aren’t comfortable in a bikini for one reason or another. I don’t think it was ever really the preferred look of people who care about swim fashion and are comfortable in anything.

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Tankinis are definitely still in fashion, you just have to shop in stores that sell trendier suits. I would shop Target if you’re on a tight budget, but surf shops really have the best selection if you can spring for a more expensive suit. Look for brands like Hurley and OP.

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I never liked tankinis. They always floated up, so I had to spend all my time pulling them back down, which then defeats the purpose.

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First of all I’m loving the term ‘swimming costume’ I’m going to be using that from now on. I was always a bikini girl myself (prior to pregnancy) and had to get my first ever tankini this year. I’m also not a huge fan of one pieces. Honestly, it’s one of the most flattering suits I’ve ever owned. I believe that dressing according to your body type and wearing what you’re most comfortable in is what makes it work. Beca swimwear had some of the best ones I came across this season (used to be a swimwear buyer) however, without the discount I once had it was a bit out of my budget. Hope this helps some.

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I reckon tankinis are very fashionable. They’re flattering and figure hugging.. just too cute :)

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I love tankinis. I’m 5’5” and weigh around 135 lbs but I’d like to be about 125lbs. So, in the meantime, I wear tankinis. I’m VERY picky about my swimsuit though, so it takes many hours and different malls to find one I like. I don’t like them loose on top and I like them to be long enough to cover most of my stomach but a little peek-a-boo at the bottom, with bikini bottoms. I feel like wearing the skirted or boyshorts bottoms is a little too much coverage. It makes you look like you’re trying too hard to cover your body.

As for fashionable, I haven’t really paid attention. I’d rather be the only girl on a beach in a tankini but feel hot in it than be just another girl in a bikini and feel uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable in your swimsuit is awful—it can ruin a beach trip if you let it like I tend to.

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I’m sorry I have no idea what that is? But Vintage bathing suits are lovely, they are lower cut on the hip, fashionable and reasonably inexpensive compared to new suits which can run into the hundreds.

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