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How to make a wool coat collar stiff again?

Asked by Spargett (5377points) December 31st, 2007

I have a nice wool coat very similar to this one: view photo The only difference is that the collars are mine stand erect. Over time one of the collars has gone permanently limp.

Is there any method to reenforce it or give it back life? Would a good dry cleaning solve this or is there some sort of physical reenforcement that can be unobtrusively inserted?

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If you can find an old-fashioned tailor or dressmaker, they may be able to resize or replace buckram or whatever stiffener was used. Nice coat, BTW, but tricky to get inside the collar seams w/o making a mess. When I used to sew, there was sizing or buckram available at fabric shops- some were iron-ons, but it has been a LONG TIME.

Try googling some of the words; buckram, sizing (be careful not to get the huge list of how clothing sizes are measured.)

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“FABRIC STIFFENER” of ebay. This should work! and its pretty cheap as well! I have exactly the same kind of coat which is black with a collar that comes up to my face, which i got from Burton which is (63% wool 37% vicose outer) and (100% polyester lining) and it is starting to happen to me. I found your question when searching for a way to fix my coats floppy collar. but then afterwards when searching on ebay, i came across this FABRIC STIFFENER. Anyways I hope this has helped you, this is what i am going to try anyways. Hope it works! Nicholas

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Please post an answer if you get it fixed this way or any other way. Cheers, Nicholas

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I’ll have to try out that “Fabric Stiffener”. No other solution as of yet.

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