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What beers cost more to "brew and age" than Budweiser?

Asked by robmandu (21306points) June 24th, 2009

Budweiser labels state:

We know of no brand produced by any other brewer which costs so much to brew and age.

Let’s help those guys expand their horizons.

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and this goes to show that the amount of money and time put into a product does not necessarily result in quality.

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They age it and yet they have an expiration date on the can.
Seriously can you taste the difference when a cold Bud is out of date?

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Most of the artisan beers for sure.

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@Dog it has no taste anyway so I doubt it.

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Budweiser is not beer. I think they get it out of a municipal tap somewhere.

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pretty much anything. Bud is piss beer for people who think beer is pee fuel that should taste like fructose water.

anchor steam
sam adams
Red Hook

heck, even PBR is probably aged longer than that wizz in a bottle. argh.

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Bud is like making love in a cano.
Fu*king close to water…

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I don’t drink Budweiser, and I have no idea how much money they spend on it. In fact, I have no clue how much anyone spends brewing and aging their beer. Why would it make any difference if they pay their brewers more than anybody else does, anyway?

I prefer Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Sam Adams, or St Pauli Girl, and occasionally Heinekin.

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@eponymoushipster . . .sam adams is brewed by miller house

Beer is beer is beer is beer. I love the taste of a Young’s Double Chocolate Stout or a New Glarus Spotted Cow. August Schell makes one of the best real pilsner beers in the world. Erdinger, Tucher, Pilsner Urquell, are all top shelf shit and delicious.

Budweiser, Miller High Life, Milwaukee’s Best, Natural Light, PBR, Blatz, Stag. . .any of these beers are comparable to the above in one very important respect.

You can sit around and pound them with some friends and have a great fucking time.

Life is way too full of snobs. Why drag beer into the mix?

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@Blondesjon like i know, i don’t drink sam adams either.

but what if all your friends think shit beer is shit too?

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@eponymoushipster . . .My friends are like me. We have yet to meet a beer we don’t like.

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@Blondesjon standards, my man, standards.

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@eponymoushipster . . .meh.

Standards are for fops and dandys.

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and people with a modicum of dignity.

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How do you brew and age a brand?

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@kevbo – Through the magic of chemistry and marketing.

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@Darwin I think it is probably more marketing than chemistry

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Nah, it’s chemistry, too. Take a taste of Budweiser and then take a taste of a good artisanal beer. You’ll be able to find the chemistry part of Bud very quickly.

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