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Convert M2TS file for use in iMovie?

Asked by metadog (378points) June 24th, 2009

Hi! I want to do some light video editing on my Mac in iMovie. The Canon video camera i have puts out MTS files and the software that comes with it converts the files to M2TS. Do you know a way to get these files into iMovie HD? The end result will be simple “non-HD,” just regular YouTube quality video for the web. Thanks!

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Looks like this will help. I would suggest converting them to mp4 when you convert them.

Apparently VLC will play them. And VLC has tools to convert the video to other formats. VLC is free but the conversion tool is kinda clunky.

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I know Panasonic has software for their own MTS files to any standard format h264/dvcpro/hdv. Canon doesn’t? VLC is worth the try but not the most user friendly stable converter.

The output files are mostly called AVCHD, maybe that will help in your search for a good converter.

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