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What are some good-quality, reasonably-priced, speakers I can use with my laptop and iPhone?

Asked by St.George (5865points) June 24th, 2009

Preferably wireless, if they work without issue. If not, wired is fine. If you can provide a link, I’d be ever so grateful. I want my computer to take the place of my home stereo.

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I love Bose they are the best but for a less expensive but not too bad (although they are wired) alternative, we use Logitech. They come in a whole range of prices, the top end is pretty good quality and not too expensive.

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I love my logitech speakers. They’re a lot cheaper than bose, and I can’t tell the difference. I got mine at Target.

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on a q and a site with a jellyfish theme might i mention the harman and kardon 2:1 soundsticks v. 2 system….available for roughly $150?...i have owned these and can vouch for their sound quality…..and they look great too, esp the jellyfish type subwoofer….look at all the other reviews too if you need verification… can buy at amazon or apple for starters….
for something more portable try the x mini II (ie v2) speaker at $25 each or so…tremendous sound..can be linked up with more than one..again great reviews….seen on amazon…..
nb these are both wired solutions….

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Ya’ll are awesome and have given me some great leads. Thanks.

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FYI, I went with the Bose Companion 3s.

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Nice! thanks for letting us know. It’s always nice to find out how questions are resolved in the end.

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