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Is this feasible?

Asked by Blondesjon (33994points) June 24th, 2009

We are preparing to go away on a five day vacation. The dogs will be going to a kennel (I wish it was the one @loser works at), but the cats are still a quandary.

I read somewhere that it is possible to freeze a honey bee and then defrost it a few days later with no harm done to the honey bee. It simply unthaws, shakes it’s six little fists and curses angrily before flying away.

Can I do this with my cats? I have a ton of space in my deep freeze right now and I think they would both fit comfortably. I mean, cats are just like big, furry, honey bees, right?

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I don’t suggest it. They will give you the cold shoulder for the rest of your life.

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You might try making room for them under the frizzer.

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You could give them some pancakes when they come out. But seriously, if it will work for the cats, why not the dogs too? They’re just like bigger, furrier honey bees, right?

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@janbb . . .Dogs are actually more like hairy, slobbering, ice cream and freezer burn much too easily.

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@Blondesjon it is official, you are the Wile E. Coyote of Fluther, a Super Genius.

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@Blondesjon I guess you’re right in general. My dog was really exceptional; he froze well for up to three months.

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If it’s only 5 days, yeah, why the heck not? They can’t get frizzer burn that quick.

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No, you cannot do this with your cats. It’s as simple as that. Well, if you want them to still be alive when you get back, that is. Not feasible. Not at all. Not even close. Hate to break it to you, it won’t work, really, it’s just plain a bad idea, really, end of debate. Sorry to be so negative and all.

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the water in their cells will crystallize and destroy their cells. since they lack hibernating abilities they lack a special antifreeze chemical.

they will die

also if you kill your cats i will haunt you until the universe collapses after i die

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If it works, you’ll be famous. Document the entire process, maybe hook up a webcam to share the thawing process with the world.

You’ll either make a fortune or incite the wrath of PETA, but either way you’re guaranteed a viral you-tube sensation.

As a side note, my son has frozen several kinds of bees, including honey bees, as a way to kill them quickly for his insect collection. None of them have survived the freezer, which is kind of good because I bet they’d be pissed.

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@ragingloli . . .So you’re saying I should give them some anti-freeze?

Will that work? How do I get them to drink it?

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you can not.
Artificial antifreeze is poison. It will kill them as well

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@Blondesjon – First of all, you really need to be careful because apparently freezing cats can be habit-forming. Then you end up with multiple freezers, an incredible electric bill, and neighbors that are very leery of coming near your house (which, depending on your neighbors, could be a good thing).

Secondly, cats will shed into your ice maker and you will never have fur-free ice ever again.

And finally, putting a cat into the freezer is a lot like giving a cat a pill Unless you like to bleed it isn’t recommended.

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@ragingloli . . .What about a natural anti-freeze, like fire?

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Thanks for the good laugh

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@Darwin Not as addictive as this though kitten huffing

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@Blondesjon I’m thinking that your cats are probably celebrating right about now at the fact you are finally going on vacation and leaving them alone.

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every cell in the cat would have to absorb it. since it would most likely be destroyed in her tummy, it is not possible.
Stop trying to murder your cats, barbarian.

goes back to reading hentaimanga with anatomically accurate cat

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@ragingloli . . .So you’re saying I should, uh, fuck them before I freeze them? I don’t see where that will help at all.

Serious responses only please!

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you should love your cat more

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don’t freeze her

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“Serious responses only please!”

Like this, but not like this?

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for some reason this reminds me of when my husband and i went away on our honeymoon. we asked my cousin to watch our cats, just give them water and food. apparently he felt the need to put the tv on for them, because he said they were bored. fucking cats don’t watch tv. we were looking forward to the look electric bill.

I’m sure your cats will greet you with lots of love when you unfreeze them. It’ll be like it never happened.

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What about a flash freezing technique of some sort? I mean it would be quick and painless, then toss them in the frizzer and you are ready to go. FYI, if you wrap the cats in something (like bubble wrap) before putting them in storage you will avoid the issue of furry ice cubes.

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Just don’t forget about them when you get back. One family did and look what happened to their… cat?

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@Darwin . . .No, more like this.

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@Blondesjon…Nice idea, but…....a normal freezer is not appropriate to place animals in a temporary cryogenic state. @SuperMouse is absolutely correct: successful thawing and resuscitation requires that your cat had been flash frozen. As clearly stated in the link: “Flash freezing techniques are also used to freeze biological samples fast enough that large ice crystals cannot form and damage the sample.” Good luck to you.

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Do you have a plan for thawing the little darlings? Do you just set them out on the counter like the steaks you plan to serve for dinner? Do you put them in warm water? Do you use a blow dryer or a heat lamp?

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I always used the microwave “Autodefrost Setting for Dogs” when I froze my Cocker. I assume there’s a “Defrost Cats” setting as well.

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@Blondesjon – Yours sounds more like actually putting the cats in the freezer. Are you all scratched up now?

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if you freeze your cats, you will go to hell, even if you accept jesus as your saviour.

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@SuperMouse . . .I was thinking that I could use the Permanent Press cycle on the dryer. I would have to put them in a pillow case, of course, so they wouldn’t make so much noise, bangin’ around in there…

@Darwin. . .I wish I had taken your advice. Do you use your belt to tie the artery off above or below the elbow?

@ragingloli. . .Aren’t you the one that suggested I watch Japanese porn with them? I think the Big Guy frowns on that too.

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Ok. I know you’re joking, but still, animal abuse is not funny.

I’ve left my cats for 5 days. Count out how much dry food they will eat in 5 days, and add a cup or so more. Do the same for water, but add an extra bowl. As far as litter goes well, I have an extra litter box for emergencies, plus a cheap, quick litter box is a disposable turkey pan. Add at least 1, they would prefer 2. (I have great cats, and none of the 5 have ever eliminated on the floor, but if you don’t have as great cats as I, I cannot promise you anything.)

Be nice. Your cats love you and need you more than you think they do. = ^ . . ^ =

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no i didn’t. that is what i was doing.
and no i don’t

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@Blondesjon – Try above the shoulder, at the neck. That will stop all bleeding completely.

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@Darwin . . .Ha! I’m not falling for that again.

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@casheroo My dog watches TV as she does get bored. She doesn’t understand why your cats don’t watch TV.

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One of my cats loves to watch cat stuff on YouTube. He sits on my lap and intently watches. He likes dogs and birds and rabbits, too. But when people come on the screen, or just words, he goes to sleep.

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A cool idea and question…frozen pussy..

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@chyna when my cats get a job and pay the bill, they can watch all the tv they want.
my one cat does enjoy Boobah but it tends to freak me out more than anything. Plus, he attacks the flying balls. Not good for the tv. lol

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well the question isn’t so much getting them frozen, it’s unfreezing a complex organism that’s the problem. See certain bees are used to being frozen due to their winter hibernation. Their exo-skeleton plays a major role in this phenomena, as is the case with most other insects who can be frozen. But when you freeze, say, a human. It’s not the take off, it’s the landing….

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Mr. Disney’s fucked, in other words….

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Poor Walt.
@casheroo Molly (my dog) hated that site. She kept turning her head and whined. I’m with Randy.

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@chyna and @ABoyNamedBoobs03 maybe Walt thought Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth because deep in the bowels of the amusement park there is a machine to quickly defrost frozen entrepreneurs and even cats.

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@SuperMouse We may be wrong. Maybe some day we will find out that Walt was the right one, he’ll be walking around in his body and we will only have… robes and wings?

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@casheroo ; that’s just strange. I am so glad I don’t do drugs any more!

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I saw this happen once (only for a shorter period of time).

I was fourteen and slept over my friend Bob’s house while his single-mom was away. Drug addict older sister was supposed to be watching us. Needless to say a party ensued.

Next morning, we’re cleaning the mess when Bob notices his cat is MIA. After looking high and low, I open the freezer for some ice cubes (for a drink) only to be greeted by a very chilly kitty.

One of our moron friends later admitted to shoving her in there during the party.

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Why not? I do it with my kids when my wife and I go out. I also do it with my wife when I go out.

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Maybe you should try putting them under the swimming pool instead…

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It works just fine- provided you have not used up all their nine lives.
But I must warn you- they are NOT amused on thaw and have been known to do bodily damage for weeks after- stalking you like prey and leaving presents in your bed.

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Let’s be practical, for goodness sake…
1. Feed them well before freezing, so they’ll be satiated.
2. Add the anti-freeze to their water.
3. A little benadryl should put them to sleep;
4. So you can use this
5. Upon your return, thaw gently in a warm, yet comfortable place.
6. Have a great trip!
**Oh, and bring them back come catnip to calm their feelings at having been left alone. Cat’s aren’t really into souvenirs.

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We know how you mean ‘love your cats’ @ragingloli

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